The Absolute Bottom 50...


  1. Jerry's Yids
  2. National Organization for the Reformation of Bestiality Laws
  3. Americans For Kid-Free Drug Zones
  4. Fry Tookie
  5. Zillionaire Urban Socialites For Swanky Benefit Dinner Parties
  6. The Hare Krishna Head Lice Relief Council
  7. The Damnation Army
  8. Shave the Children
  9. M.A.D.D. - Mothers Against Dickless Daddies
  10. The Pro-Abortion Fetus Murderers Association
  11. The Inhumane Society
  12. The Rick Springfield Career Resuscitation Foundation
  13. The Jesus Drinks PepsiTM With Third World Children Project
  14. The Make-A-Pasta-Dish Foundation
  15. National Association of Tap Dancing Mongoloids
  16. Jews for Jell-O
  17. The Martin Luther King Jr.'s Image And Voice Is For Sale Institute
  18. The Convert the Godless Towelheads Coalition
  19. Totally Unplanned and Accidental Parenthood
  20. Sam Donaldson House
  21. The Welfare Moms on Chain Gangs Initiative
  22. Veterans of Grenada, Panama, and Haiti Wars Self-Esteem Center
  23. National Federation of Outraged PTA Mothers
  24. National Suburban League
  25. Gay And Lesbian Show Tune Preservation Society
  26. Ba'al Busters of America
  27. Adopt-A-Deposed-Afghan-Warlord
  28. The Laid-Off Overpaid Executive Ferrari Lease Preservation Society
  29. Jonestown Family Nutrition Council
  30. Pagan Pride Committee
  31. The Isaac Mizrahi Fabulous Bisque Kitchen for Homeless Aesthetes
  32. Parent-Teacher Covenant of the Underlord
  33. Tituba's After-School Dance Project
  34. Waco Community Housing Partnership
  35. The Bob Jones University Soulfood Appreciation Project
  36. Shiva's Circus of the Handicapped
  37. League of Women Voodooers
  38. World Cockfighting Appreciation League
  39. Pederasts Are People Too
  40. Drinks for Drunks
  41. Quit Dissin' on Wiccans!
  42. The Spazz Action Network
  43. Rock Stars For Birth Control (Especially For Hot Little Girlies Who Hang Out Backstage And Do It Bareback ALL NIGHT LONG!)
  44. The International Federation of Venetian Gondoliers
  45. Amnesty International House of Pancakes
  46. Morbidly Obese Housewives Baking for Starving Children
  47. Society for the Methodical Elimination of Your Religion
  48. National Association for the Advancement of Observational Comics
  49. The Peace Whores
  50. Foundation for the Appreciation of Others Like Ourselves