The Absolute Bottom 50...


  1. Creative Writing 505: Mining Molestation
  2. Women's Studies 12: Systematic Objectification and Exploitation of the Naked Female Form by the Dead White Pornographer Michelangelo
  3. Political Science 404: It's Not Lying When It's "Spin"
  4. Home Economics 304: Being Just Another Baby-Maker
  5. American Studies 215: 100 Years of Potted Meat Profiteering
  6. International Relations 101: Demanding That Foreigners Speak English
  7. Lesbian Studies 205: Emma Goldman and the Munching of Righteous Carpet
  8. English 202: A Painstaking Review of Every Mediocre Essay Published by The Bitter, Self-Obsessed Professor
  9. English 291b: Language Disorders and the Litertitary Tradision: Gardate Sernimar
  10. Philosophy 117: Pretending to Care About Kant
  11. Human Sexuality 303: Oedipus or Lolita: Men Can't Win
  12. Applied Mathematics 312: Stochastic Processes, Dynamical Systems, Applied Differential Geometry, Biological Applications of Theoretical Mechanics and Scientific Computation, Interdisciplinary Modeling, and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics for the Liberal Arts Student
  13. African American Studies 155: Language, Discourse, and Verbal Style in the Motherfucking African Diaspora
  14. Physics 210: General Theories of Relativity or Non-Relativity, Depending
  15. Astronomy 207: Advanced Analysis of 1000s of Photos of Nearly Identical Rocks from Remote Celestial Bodies
  16. Psychology 1303: Creative Neurosurgery
  17. Federation 133: Post-Vulcan Narrativity Paradigms in Romulan Literature
  18. Celtic 138r: The Yrgle Opwsich, The Prdll Choergl, and The Mabinogi - Distinguishing Genuine Celtic From Horseshit
  19. Government 1750: Nationalism in International Relations, Internationalism in National Relations, Relationalism, and Gnashed Innards
  20. Psychology 987f. The Biology of Conscious States: Waking, Sleeping, Fucking, and Showering
  21. Geology 101: A Rock is a Rock is a Rock: The Quarterback's GPA-Booster
  22. Art 205: Scrotums and Penises in Rennaisance Sculpture
  23. American Studies 405: Senior Seminar: Dispelling the Pipe Dream of Employment
  24. Anthropology 250/Philosophy 250: Perfecting Pronunciation of "Paradigm" in Pretentious Discourse
  25. Women's Studies 208: "Bitch, Fix Me Dinner!" - Embracing the Reality of Domesticity
  26. Theatre 120: Adjusting Your Sissy-Pants Beret and Cape
  27. Music 260: Smooth Operating: How John Coltrane LP's WILL Get You Laid
  28. Modern Culture & Media 160: Justifying the 30 Hours of Shitty Cable You Watch Every Week by Writing Vacuous Essays Laden With Repulsively Gratuitous Verbiage
  29. Sociology 227: Field Research: Mating Patterns in the Coastal Saloon Ecosystem
  30. Physical Education 201: Unleashing the Bully Within - Crotch Taping, Indian Burns, and Dispensing the Perfect Swirly
  31. Computer Science 101: This Year, You Need to Take More Than Just This Class to Score a $75K Gig at Some Retard Dotcom
  32. Business 105: Big Pimpin' - The Relative Non-Ease Thereof
  33. Chemistry 412: I Sing The Mushroom Electronic: Seminar in Advanced Comparative Hallucinogens
  34. Human Sexuality 312: GI-Bi: Gender-Blind Coupling in the Army Base Cul de Sac
  35. American Studies 109: From Jennifer Love Hewitt to Sarah Michelle Gellar - Navigating Your Way Through The Fleshy Sea of Nubile Three-Named Actresses
  36. Sociology 206: Your Parents Are Paying Mad Cash for This, But I Am Soooo Hung Over From Chasing Freshman Tail So Just Go Get Coffee, Okay?
  37. Education 104: Clueless, Beleaguered TA's and Absentee Star Professors on Book Tours in the Modern Educational System
  38. Chemistry 102: From Rohypnol to GBH: Party Planning for Frat Boys
  39. Craniology 652: Burnout Neurobiology: Pothead, Crack Addict, and Huffer Brain Cell Fiesta
  40. Law 160: Opening Wounds, Closing Cases: Inflicting Severe Emotional Trauma During Cross-Examination
  41. American Studies 219: Tab 'n' Shasta: Deconstructing the Dream of the American Cola
  42. Cultural Anthropology 460: Runes, Bogs, and Magic Trees - Druids and Their Furniture
  43. Pre-Med 1204: Ring Worm, Incest, Chiggers - Modern Appalachian Family Medicine
  44. Sociology: Sign-Making, Protest Chanting, and Hair Farming: Liberalizing of the American Campus
  45. Adult Education Audit: Yiddish for Shiksas
  46. Technological Programming 302: Making a Really Cool Virtual Reality Penis Glove
  47. Women's Studies 303: Twat's Up Doc? Misogynist Gynecologists Throughout History
  48. Psychology 6708: Insipid Patient Confessions and Self-Medication
  49. French Cinema 390: Giant Deformed Nose: A Celebration of the Work of Gerard Depardieu
  50. Classics 230: An Orgy of Ancient Sodomite Intellectualism