The Absolute Bottom 50...


  1. Jehovah's Witness IV: I Know You're Ignoring Your Doorbell
  2. Terrorism II: Islamic Boogaloo
  3. Attack of the 50-Foot Homeopath
  4. Vampire Valedictorian
  5. Cap'n Crunch: Portrait of a Cereal Killer
  6. The Devil's Stutter
  7. Judd Hirsch is... THE SCHNOZZ
  8. Night of the Binging Kennedys
  9. Breakfast at Salmonella's
  10. So I Married an Aetna Regional Sales Manager
  11. John Carpenter's... GINGIVITIS!
  12. Christ Gone Crazy
  13. Donkey-Punching Zombies
  14. Bloodlust For Bagels
  15. It Came From Wichita!
  16. Invasion of the Craft Fair People
  17. Nightmare On Backstreet
  18. Nightmare on Backstreet II: AJ's Revenge
  19. Children of the Osmonds
  20. That Slasher Flick the Big Star Was In When S/he Was Just Starting Out and is Now Totally Embarrassed About Because S/he Bared Major Ass!
  21. Lyme Disease III: Antibiotic Resistant
  22. The Beast With 1,000 Cavities
  23. Disgruntled!
  24. Amputee Jamboree
  25. Creature From Another Voting District
  26. Smothered in Vengeful Croutons!
  27. Mummy Dearest
  28. A Night To Dismember
  29. Exerciser III: Satan's Sweat-Drenched Jockstrap
  30. Kennebunkport III: The Wrath of Babs
  31. Exclamation Point!
  32. Friend Without The R Is Fiend
  33. Racially Profiled II: Revenge Of The Towel-i-ban
  34. GERBILS!
  35. The Texarkana Toothpick Irritation
  36. Dude, Where's My Frontal Lobe?
  37. Wes Craven's Derivative Gorefest Steeped in Irony and Pop Culture References
  38. The Snotty Bitch Dies First
  39. Halloween With Rocco III: Cocktober Surprise
  41. Glitter
  42. Frankenstein's Parakeet
  43. Anally Probed by Terror
  44. Evil Twin IV - Die, Mary-Kate, DIE!
  45. Night of the Attacking Bloodthirsty Reform School Lesbian Invaders
  46. When People Stop Being Polite
  48. I Was a Teenage Naked Mole Rat
  49. I Spit on Your Shiny Maroon Penny Loafers
  50. Fuck It, Here's Some Naked Chicks With Big Tits Bleeding To Death