The Absolute Bottom 50...


  1. Ken Burns' Ken Burns (parts 1-25)
  2. Accountants: Nature's Tax Experts
  3. Forbidden Love: Churchill and FDR
  4. Flesh Totems of the Pacific Islands
  5. Objective Schmobjective: Inside the Documentary Grant Racket
  6. History Made Fabulous: The Gay Revisionists
  7. National Geographic: It Ain't Porn When They're Darkie Savages
  8. Make-a Da Pizza!: A Fresh Look at Italian Stereotypes
  9. Orthodontial Apathy: A British Scrapbook
  10. You Say Potato, I Say Blight: The Sad, Skinny History of Ireland
  11. Antiques Peep Show: Grannies Give It Up
  12. Spooge: Mysterious Substance of Miracles
  13. Those Adorable Pygmies
  14. Silt!
  15. The Hyena: Nature's Asshole
  16. Bob Vila's Secret Closet
  17. Brush With Insolvency: Behind the Scenes at the 1974 NPR Pledge Drive
  18. Airing out the Past: The Story of Ancient Poop
  19. Antarctica: The Boring Frontier
  20. Everybody Dies, with Bill Moyers
  21. The 100 Most Important Genitals In History
  22. Bratwurst: Hitler's Favorite Sausage
  23. Frontline: Media Navel Gazing… EXPOSED!
  24. We Got The Nukes: US Imperialism Rocks
  25. Sluts Cubed: Picasso's Porno
  26. Teen Sex: Still Knockin' Boots After All These Years
  27. Behind the Music: Gershwin's Ho's and Tricks
  28. Boxers or Briefs: A Deconstructionist Examination and Portrait in Transient Light and Sound
  29. Me So Desperate: The Mail-Order Brides of Silicon Valley
  30. Amazon Feather Queen: The Secret, Sordid Life of Big Bird
  31. Still Zoomin': Crack Babies at 14
  32. Oh Captain, My Captain: Love Letters To A Kangaroo
  33. Sexually Abused Celebrities III: More Exploitive Confessions
  34. North vs. South: The Dakotas
  35. Christ Killers II: Focus on Islam
  36. Great Performances: The Three Tenors' Reggae Dub Beach Party Extravaganza
  37. Ho Chi Minh City Limits
  38. In Search Of The Historical Ronald McDonald
  39. Life In A Drop Of Evian
  40. The Secret, Mysterious Life of Zorgs
  41. Pelvic Lobster Cults of Nova Scotia
  42. Pee-pee Poo-Poo, Ka-Ka Ma-Ma: Sigmund Freud for Kids
  43. Humidors of the Conquistadors
  44. Cholesterol and the Constitution
  45. America's War On Plaid
  46. Sausages, Soup, and Submarines: Battle Alert in the Kitchen
  47. American Experience: The Lost Art of Horsemilking
  48. A Question of Genes: Inherited Ugliness
  49. Forever 40: The Many Facelifts of Carol Channing
  50. PHAT SLAX!: The Comprehensive History of Big Pants