The Absolute Bottom 50...


  1. "Mystical Technicolor Dreamboat" by The Delicious Pinwheels
  2. "Negro Spirituals (Remixes)" by John Ashcroft
  3. "Highway to Jersey" by Short Pistol Enemas
  4. "I Hate, Hate my Girlfriend!" by Rage Against My Futon
  5. "Locked Out Of My Love Pad" by Blane Dale and The Tube Socks
  6. "Rambunctious!" by Shannon!
  7. "Hookers in Love" by The Turtle Babies
  8. "Eat the Hot Shotgun" by Satan's Ulcer
  9. "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah" by The Jelly Beans
  10. "Flush It" by Xysmal Aperture
  11. "Jamming For Smack" by Ty "Blue Detroit" Sheckman
  12. "Ride the White Hippo" by Johnson's Choo-Choo Train
  13. "One More Caliber" by Kolt .46
  14. "Happy Flag American Howdy" by Happy Lucky Fish Sun
  15. "We Cover Abba Covering Metallica" by Pretentious College Band 3
  16. "Love Makes Me Giggle" by Jennifer Love Hewitt
  17. "Organ Music Played by Cancerous Organs"
  18. "Ain't No Party Like the Holy Ghost Party 'Cause the Holy Ghost Party Don't Stop" by Dr. J and the Apostles
  19. "Paste Helps You Grow" by Tickle Me Eddie
  20. "I Got Prince Off" by Carmen Electra
  21. "The Theme to 'Arthur' Performed in Javanese Gamelan."
  22. "Yessir, Them's My Cavities!" - by Mary Beth Sunshine & the Breakfast Cereal Girls
  23. "Retro-Action" by GW Bush and the Radical Right
  24. "Give Rezpekt 2 Da Big Buttz Bitchez" by 69 Boyz
  25. "Sunshine Funny Bunny Meets the Michelin Tire" Songs For Children
  26. "Everything Dies, So Will You" - Christian Songs For Children
  27. "My Career is Resurrected Thanks to Techno" by M.C. Skat Kat
  28. "Can't Get Enough of the Ladies (in Drag)" by Ricky Martin
  29. "Mugwump Fever!" by the Las Vegas Polka Casserole
  30. "Out From Under Daddy's Wing (Yeah, right)" by Tori Spelling
  31. "Can't Get Enough of That Crank" by the Pregnant Iowa Teenagers
  32. "Tight Leather Pants Kill Us" by the Moo Brigade
  33. "Bluegrass Banjo Techno Explosion!" by the Pet Shop Boys
  34. "Rock 'n Roll High School Battles the School from Fame"
  35. "Guns, Ammo, Bubblebaths" a collection by Ted Nugent
  36. "Donny Osmond Raps For Justice"
  37. "This Loincloth is Chafing Me" by Charleton Heston
  38. "Stop Experimenting On Me" by Jellyfish Monkeyboy
  39. "Fondle My Implants... From a Distance" by Britney Spears
  40. "I Can Stick Things In My Nose and No one Knows" by G-Money W.
  41. "Straight Outta Brookfield" by Lil' White Girl"
  42. "Jive Ass Dude Ain't Got No Brains Anyhow" by Eminem and Barbara Billingsley
  43. "Can I Borrow a Feeling (Could You Lend Me a Jar of Love) Remix 2001" By Kirk Van Houten and Puff Daddy
  44. "1985 Chicago Bears Sing the Superbowl Shuffle"
  45. "Pavarotti Sings Arias… Drunk Off His Ass!"
  46. "The Goombah Boogie" by Mel Torme
  47. "The Sun Shines Like a Lonely Boot" by Jem
  48. "Whoa" by DJ Master Lixit
  49. "Mighty Fine Porch" by The Biscuits and Gravy Band
  50. "The Carpet's Breathing" by The Flying Saucers