The Absolute Bottom 50...


  1. Sequestered With Regis
  2. The Lowest Common Denominator
  3. Who Wants to Marry a Gold Digger?
  4. Congressional Pie Fights - Live on CSPAN
  5. Touched by an Iron Chef
  6. 72 Consecutive Hours, Unedited
  7. Happy Couples Caught on Tape
  8. Temptation Island of Doctor Moreau
  9. Cabin Fever! (Catch the Cabin Fever!)
  10. Real World: Narnia
  11. This Old Mobile House
  12. America's Homeliest Spinster Pageant
  13. Dick Clark & Carson Daly Teen Face Off Times Square Dance-a-Thon
  14. Making the Christian Rap Band
  15. Court TV's Crucifixion!
  16. Kitchen Confessions
  17. The Waukesha, Wisconsin Super Shop n' Save Employee Coffee Nook Security Camera Show!
  18. Is Your Wife Away On Business?
  19. At Home in Proctor and Gamble's Animal Labs
  20. Goats Gone Wild!
  21. Neighborhood Voyeur
  22. Mormons at Mardi Gras
  23. Bludgeoning For Blubber
  24. Survivor: Rikers Island
  25. Battle of the Network Pinheads
  26. The Age of Consent
  27. Rest Area of Regret
  28. Last Dotcom Standing
  29. Who Wants to Get a Vasectomy?
  30. MTV's Rock the Census
  31. When Celebrities Attack
  32. Wildest Shopping Cart Accidents
  33. Candid Camera 2004 - The Glory Hole Tapes
  34. Inside the Actor's Studio: Sinbad
  35. Fox's Catch the Clap!
  36. John Ashcroft at the Apollo
  37. America's Funniest Amateur Amputations!
  38. Robert Downey Jr,'s Road to Rehab
  39. Fishing for Tires
  40. Making the Nike Hi-Top
  41. Locked in the Attic
  42. Stalking Jodie Foster
  43. The Delta Burke Trampoline Endurance Hour
  44. Video Diary: The Littlest Crack Whore
  45. Militant Fundamentalist FANatic
  46. Cubicle Lifestyles of the Large and Incontinent
  47. Sizzler Presents: The All You Can Eat Buffet Family Challenge
  48. Jellyfish Monkeyboy - Unplugged!
  49. Geraldo Rivera's Monster Moustache Olympics
  50. Geriatric Jackass