The Absolute Bottom 50...

>>>> TV SITCOMS <<<<

  1. Everybody Fists Raymond
  2. The New York Insider Joke Show
  3. Two Guys, a Girl, and a Scorching Case of Herpes
  4. Unlikely Roommate Pairing #57842
  5. Harmless Gay Stereotype & Grace
  6. Absolutely Phlegmatic
  7. The Ross Perot Show
  8. Just Dismember Me
  9. Malcolm in the Meat Grinder
  10. The Surnames
  11. In Like Larry Flynt
  12. So-and-So and So-and-So
  13. Make Room for Arafat!
  14. Who's the Boss, Bitch?
  15. Precocious Street Urchin
  16. Suddenly Sharpton
  17. Diagnosis Gout
  18. The All-New Adventures of Wealthy WASP Couple & Adopted Black Dwarf Boy!
  19. Whose Wang is it Anyway?
  20. Castrating Matriarch
  21. Saved by the Bell: The Ugly Kids with Poor Parents Years
  22. The Greatest American Pederast
  23. Third Rock from that Much Bigger Rock
  24. My Two Nads
  25. Mad About Spew
  26. Win Ben Stein's Plantars Warts
  27. Sweet Valley Thighs
  28. The Budding Young Breasts of an Actress You've Seen Grow up on TV
  29. The Anyone Remember Dabney Coleman? Show
  30. Cheney Knows Best
  31. Make Room for Gold-digging Ex-Stripper Stepmom
  32. Joanie Loves Xanax
  33. My So-Called Rash
  34. Sex and the Strip Mall
  35. The Golden Shower Girls
  36. Leave it to a Carbon Monoxide Filled Garage
  37. The Manson Bunch
  38. My Three Buns of Steel
  39. Which Baldwin is it Anyway?
  40. Everything's a Wacky Misunderstanding!
  41. Christa, the Possessed Beastmistress Whore
  42. Outrageous Bleeps & Bloopers
  43. Mama's Family Secret Chained in the Attic
  44. Chico and the Man-Boy Love Association
  45. White Sistaz R Keepin' it Real Too
  46. Jim Lehrer Burlesque Revue
  47. Kevin Nealon's Showcase of Talent… Starring Chevy Chase!
  48. It's... Stalin!
  49. Pubescent Teen Love Triangle
  50. WGAY in Corpus Christi