The Absolute Bottom 50...


  1. Museum Of Teeth: Bredford, South Carolina
  2. Suburban Wigger Heritage Theme Park: Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island
  3. Wesson® Canola Oil Flume Family Fun Park: Gainsboro, Illinois
  4. Three Mile Island Playhouse Featuring Hortence, the Mennonite Spinster With the Superfluous External Heart: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  5. Rufus' "World of Maggots and Leecharium": Pensacola, Florida
  6. Asphalt Flats State Park: Newark, New Jersey
  7. Post-Industrial Blight & Mugging World: Detroit, Michigan
  8. HomoDisney: San Francisco, California
  9. The Eiffel Tower: Las Vegas, Nevada
  10. Mt. Pampers: Cincinnatti, Ohio
  11. Gratuitous Christian Allegory Hotel: Narnia
  12. Interpretive Dancing Whimsical Chimney Sweep Theme Park: London, England
  13. The Amazing World of Dirt: McHenry, North Dakota
  14. Birthplace of Walter Mondale: Ceylon, Minnesota
  15. Reverend Lonnie's Clothing-Optional Trampoline Park: Fullerton, Oregon
  16. The World's Third Largest Meatball: East Orange, New Jersey
  17. Triple Crown Glue Factory: Louisville, Kentucky
  18. Annual "Miss Nostrils-Full-Of-Blowflies" Human Skeleton Pageant: Khartoum, Sudan
  19. Yellowstone National Park Annual Snowmobile Drag Race & Bison Stampede: Madison, Wyoming
  20. Thunderdome: The Outback, Post-Apocalyptic Australia
  21. La Isla de Carnival Cruise Lines' Tropical Poverty Voyeurism Safari
  22. Jackowood: Vatican City
  23. Deep Fried Snout 'n Hoof Chow Down: Birmingham, Alabama
  24. The Colossus of Toads: Swamptown, Louisiana
  25. Harmony Starfire's Organic Composting and Garbage Recycling Commune: Bennington, Vermont
  26. Wet & Wanton Water Orgy Park: Montgomery, Alabama
  27. Swanson International Foods Central Poultry Processing Abattoir & Gift Emporium: Allentown, Pennsylvania
  28. La Jolla Sludge Pits: La Jolla, California
  29. Enslaved Sickly Ocean Mammal World: Orlando, Florida
  30. Enchanted Valley of the Strip Malls: Keene, New Hampshire
  31. Camp Cockfight: Dozier, Alabama
  32. Fairfield, Nebraska: Home of Dickie the Cowboy Dwarf's Miniature Collie Rodeo
  33. Cellulite Beach: Galveston, Texas
  34. Atomic Testing and Fallout Zone State Park & Recreation Area: Frenchman Flats, Nevada
  35. Franzia Vineyards Annual Wine Lover's Chug-a-lug Face-Off and Riding Mower Demolition Derby: Sonoma, California
  36. The Fetid Grotto: Star City, Arkansas
  37. Smith & Wesson World Famous Taxidermy Petting Zoo: Springfield, Massachusetts
  38. Mt. Bushmore: Crawford, Texas
  39. Six Flags Over Chernobyl
  40. The Leaning Tower of Trenton, New Jersey
  41. Annual White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Hillbilly Hootenanny & Christian Pyrotechnics Workshop: Flora, Mississippi
  42. The One and Only 72-Hour "Techno Tots" Pre-Schooler Ecstasy Rave: Ibiza, Spain
  43. Styrofoamhenge: Fairview, Oklahoma
  44. Jerome the Jolly Jumbo Lawn Jockey: Darlen, Georgia
  45. Crystal Lake Fantasy Serial Killer Camp: Vorhees, Illinois
  46. Universal Studios – Catacombs of Capitalism: Dallas, Texas
  47. Monument to Veterans of Foreign Brothels: Chippewa County, Minnesota
  48. World Famous Phosphorescent Mucus Geyser: Flifton, Arizona
  49. Ye Olde Drive-Thru Colonoscopy Clinic: Hanna, Wyoming
  50. Whitey McPowder's Pink Eyes Jamboree: Albinoville, USA