The Absolute Bottom 50...


  1. Grand Theft Auto: Sesame Street
  2. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Coalition Six
  3. Metroidsexual
  4. Tony Hawk Stripmall Handicapped Ramp Thrash-O-Rama
  5. Return to Castle Wolf Blitzerstein: Operation Grecian Formula
  6. NFL Locker Room Towel Snap III: Terrycloth Terror
  7. Big Gun, Small Dick 2: Die, Bitches Die!
  8. Madden Jelly Donut Pigfest 2005
  9. Conflict: IKEA Storm
  10. Non-Spatial Relation Tetris
  11. Ms. Blac-Man
  12. Alien Space Monster Bloodbath VII: Obese 30 Year-Old Virgin Living in Mom's Basement Special Edition
  13. Barbie Binge & Purge 2005
  14. Cobanavania: Pina Coladas of the Undead
  16. Ass-teroids
  17. The Legend of Zelda Fitzgerald: Vodka Gimlets – and Plenty Of Them!
  18. Hotel Rwanda: Hutu Hootenanny
  19. Stealth Army Recruitment Tool II: Arabia Reloaded
  20. Mortician: The Embalming
  21. Grotesque Dago Stereotype Plumber Brothers 3: Singing Mushrooms In LSD-Land
  22. TWISTER Online
  23. All-Star Simulated Exertion for Lazy Fatasses II
  24. SIMS Auschwitz
  25. Keep On Tekken 2: Harshing the Buzz of the Ancients
  26. Pitfall 6: Bottomless K-Hole
  27. Tiger Woods' Ultimate Corporate Whoredom Marathon
  28. Monster-Titted Kung-Fu Bitches Beating Each Other Senseless
  29. Burnout 5: Spinning Mad Donuts Out Behind Home Depot
  30. X-Treme Midwife II: Life Afterbirth
  31. EverQuest XXVII: Waiting for Mom and Dad to Die So I Can Move Into the Master Bedroom
  32. Don King Kong
  33. Duke Nukem: Viceroy Boytoy's Blackmail Adventure
  34. Simplistic Shape Stacking Game My Girlfriend Occasionally Enjoys Thus Justifying Me Playing City Of Heroes 16 Hours Every Day
  35. Ebonic the Hedgehog
  36. Star Wars: Yoda's Filthy Little Secret
  37. Personal Watercraft III: Buzz All Pussy Sailboats!
  38. Licensed Summer Blockbuster Film Repurposed Into Yet Another Mediocre $50 3D-Shooter
  39. Morley Safer's Ultimate Berkshires Antiquing
  40. Big Game Hunter IV: Blowing Away Squirrels 'n Frogs for Shits 'n Giggles
  41. Camp Cupcake Lesbian Mud Humping
  42. The Oncologist 4: Lung Tumors
  43. Captain Morgan's Date Rape Island
  44. NASCAR Thunder VI: Still Driving in Fucking Circles
  45. Carpal Tunnel Rampage
  46. MYST IV: Kyst My Cyst
  47. Insolent Brat III: Can't You See I'm Busy?
  48. Boopie Bunnywaffles' USAF Predator Drone Carpet Bombing
  49. Homicidal Postal Worker II: Christmas Catalog Frenzy
  50. Homework Procrastination IX: Ticket to Winnersville