We join up with our three Greeks of the Week at the Central Indiana Polytech chapter of Omega Kappa Beta, where spring rush is in full swing and the Brothers OKB are hell-bent on swillin' major suds and scoring major thick slices of tasty frosh tang!

Rich Jackson, Senior: Not only can Rich throw a gnarly raging kegger, but he's also a Central U.S. projectile vomiting semi-finalist. Bumpin' fresh, dude! Can Rich party? You tell us: "This dude bet me I couldn't funnel a whole sixer at once. I'm all, you're tripping! So we rig up a 30 foot tube coming down the fire escape, and I take all that shit in! 72 ounces, baby! 72 fuckin' ounces! And I held that shit down for like 15 seconds too!"
Paul White, Sophomore: "So like, last Tuesday night, me and the buds were slamming some Schlitz Ice's and getting totally juiced! So we load up on eggs and cruise down to bum-ville—that's where all the homeless dudes sleep. We egged this one crazy dude and he started to bawl like a bitch. He was all covered in yolk and it was like all over his nasty garbage bags of stuff too. God, that was radical. Omega Kaps rule! 2 Good +2 Be = 4 gotten! Remember the cow!"
Jim Walser, Junior: "Last year I was working the basement bar at our Spring Fling par-tay, right? There's people stacked like 20 deep trying to get beers, right—and I'm all only serving beers to the major hotties, right? Then this fat chick's all yelling, 'Hey! What about me?,' right? So I like push back my nose and start doing the pig snort, right? But then this other dude sees me and laughs, and totally sprays beer and chewed-up pretzel all over that fugly skag's face!"

Frat Beat salutes these massively bodacious specimens of Hellenic fraternal love, and is proud to declare them our Greeks of the Week!