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The rumors and so-called "proof" are LIES!
The Rev. Jerry Falwell was NOT A HOMOSEXUAL!!!

Welcome to, the site devoted to refuting the widely held, yet utterly absurd
belief that the late Reverend Jerry Falwell, who selflessly devoted the bulk of his Godly life to
DENOUNCING homosexuals, was himself some kind of closet-dwelling, manhole-drilling fairy.


MYTH: The Reverend Jerry Falwell's near-constant rebuking of homosexuality was merely a smokescreen to prevent the public from realizing his own voracious and insatiable appetite for hot man-on-man sex.

FACT: Dr. Rev. Falwell was trying to WARN folks not to make the wholly voluntary choice to live a homosexual lifestyle. As a man of God, his full-time job was to fight sin, and since gaydom is pretty much the worst sin there is, it's perfectly natural for a straight fellow like Reverend Falwell to spend every waking minute of 73 entire years thinking and talking about naked homosexuals and the nitty-gritty details of all the disgusting ways they feverishly grind their private parts together.

MYTH: The Reverend Jerry Falwell appears in a grainy cellphone video clip, widely available on Internet file trading networks, that shows him performing spirited fellatio on a young Filipino street hustler behind the dumpster of the popular Lynchburg steakhouse Shakers.

FACT: While it may be an impressive bit of computer special effects, the video in question is NOT GENUINE. For one thing, the Falwell doppelganger seen therein is obviously several pounds heavier than the Reverend's sturdy-yet-svelte 375 pounds. Furthermore, if you watch the video carefully – at least ten or twelve times (ideally in slow-mo) – you will notice that the depraved, grunting impostor is wearing a studded latex thong. The real Rev. Dr. Falwell was severely allergic to latex!

MYTH: In early 1987, Reverend Falwell had group sexual relations with Jim Bakker, his wife Tammy Faye Bakker, and their young houseboy Manuel Rodriguez. It is alleged that these bedroom and sauna liaisons were part of the Reverend's ongoing efforts to woo the supposedly vulnerable couple, then acquire their real estate and broadcasting facilities via extortion and blackmail.

FACT: While Reverend Falwell did befriend the couple, graciously take over their televangelism empire, immediately liquidate its assets for the glory of God and then call Jim Bakker "the greatest scab and cancer on the face of Christianity in two thousand years of church history," it is a scurrilous lie that he slept with both Bakkers and their domestic help. Indeed, Reverend Falwell spent no time alone with Mrs. Bakker.

MYTH: The Reverend Jerry Falwell was partial to stupendously endowed negro men, and traveled to Thailand on four occasions to undergo reconstructive surgery on his sodomy-ravaged colon.

FACT: This vile, wholly fabricated lie first appeared in a 1993 posting to the Usenet newsgroup "" Fortunately, it would seem that Rev. Falwell's ever-vigilant legal department has succeeded in squelching all record of that posting, as well as the scores of copycat stories at such websites as "", "" and ""

MYTH: In May of 1995, a gay male Liberty University undergraduate had unprotected anal intercourse with Reverend Falwell in the catacombs of the DeMoss Learning Center in exchange for a passing grade in Theology 412: Principles of Youth Ministry. Soon thereafter, when the 20 year-old threatened to reveal the encounter to Diane Sawyer of NBC News, he mysteriously disappeared.

FACT: Liberty University does not grant admission to homosexuals – especially not to ones who are later allowed to share dormitory rooms because their parents are major donors. Nor does the school turn a blind eye to annual shower orgy initiations to the girls softball team. Indeed, covert video surveillance of all campus changing rooms, showers and bathrooms was initiated by Reverend Falwell many years ago to keep tabs on those lost sparrows of the Lord most in need of gentle, loving correction.

As such, Reverend Falwell could never have encountered a homosexual on the Liberty campus, let alone had deviant relations with one. As for the implication that the unnamed student "mysteriously disappeared," that is as preposterous as the persistent urban legend that in the mid-1970's, Reverend Falwell once responded to a threatened lawsuit by having the would-be litigant fed into a wheat thresher somewhere out in Amherst county.

MYTH: In 1994, while negotiating the $3.5 Million bailout of Liberty University by the Unification Church "Moonie" cult, Reverend Falwell consented to felch an entire liter of triple-distilled Korean soju from Reverend Sun Myung Moon's lower intestinal tract – on the condition that Moon would designate Lynchburg, Virginia as the new hub of the Atlantic Southeast ecstacy trade.

FACT: Though Reverend Falwell did tell Esquire Magazine in 1978 that "Reverend Sun Myung Moon is like the plague: he exploits boys and girls, and he should be exported. [sic]", once Liberty University was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, the Good Lord corrected Jerry's misapprehensions and directed him to accept a no-strings loan from Reverend Moon's Godly organization. In exchange, Reverend Falwell appealed to his close friend Ronald Reagan to pardon Moon for felony tax evasion. This was the extent of their immaculately wholesome and innocent relationship. As such, all good Christians stand advised to summarily reject as FALSE any rampant or well-documented rumors that Moon is invoking carnal knowledge of Falwell's distinctive genitalia when he preaches, "The head of the love organ is shaped exactly like a poisonous rattlesnake. And just like a rattlesnake, it's always looking for a hole."

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