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DATE = 08/11/2005
SUBJECT = go to Hell
NAME = Ravi
MESSAGE = Why don't you eat shit and die? Why don't you go jump into a swimming pool full of shit? Why don't you go give Michael Moore a kiss? You are an embarrassment to America and you should shoot yourselves in the heart immediately. I hope you burn in Hell for eternity.
DATE = 08/07/2005
NAME = Riley Stevens
MESSAGE = How can you plan on testing on homeless people?? Most homeless people cannot help that they are homeless... something may have happened in their life to cause it and they really are good people. But I still don't agree with testing on bunnies and other animals.
DATE = 08/02/2005
SUBJECT = Kimberly Nerbaks, Proven Stupid Blonde
NAME = Paul
MESSAGE = Q: Why are all of the Brunets laughing AT Kimberly? A: Because by posting her page, she has proven the fact that she's just a stupid, skank-ass, bitch. Yes, STUPID not STOPID. And if you're going to slam someone, at least learn how to spell their name! It's BRUNET... Not BURNET... Bitch!
DATE = 07/28/2005
SUBJECT = Your Logo
MESSAGE = Your logo "sex is for fags" Is hateful and rude. I like the fact that your trying to keep young boys from having sex but the name of this organization is hurtful to people who are gay/lesbian. I hope maybe you could rethink the name of your organization and maybe then it could be more society friendly...
DATE = 07/20/2005
SUBJECT = raven saint crowly web site
NAME = kelli and jessica
MESSAGE = This web site hurts my eyes to look at. It is a total disgrace to all pagans and wiccans alike. I have writen pleanty of my own spells and you do not say totaly and bitchen and menchens of the gap inc. in a spell. To tell true vampires they are fake is one calling them selves a fake since all pagans, druids, and wiccan along with other type of religon except christianity lets people be who they are. If you have any sence of human being you will remove this site from your links. And if you can not remove this site at least tell raven she is a little girl trying to play in a grown folks world and will get hurt.
DATE = 07/18/2005
SUBJECT = Dumb Blonde
NAME = Heather
MESSAGE = Giving blondes a bad name, I am a blonde, and I just wanted to check and see if you realized you spelled Brunette incorrectly...You DO know this right? You DUMB BLONDE.
DATE = 07/15/2005
NAME = adam colussie
MESSAGE = what you guys need is a new set of tities and some boyfriends i mean what are we running here a itty bitty titty committy!? what the hell are you going to do when you grow up? finger bang yourselfs till your pussy bleeds and sags down to the floor!? you guys are really really fucked, or more like you need to be!!
DATE = 07/15/2005
NAME = jordan neil
DATE = 07/08/2005
SUBJECT = my interest
NAME = Dave
MESSAGE = I have no other words for your group's objective except for the following. You guys are the most arrogant, impotent, and ridiculous youth group to ever be funded by the government. Honestly, besides the somnolent articles by boys (who most probably have been brain washed by their mothers to become good little christians rather than self deciding intelligent people) who claim that only eating junk food and "making love to god" is the only way to live as a teenager surrounded by sexuality. You even make your members have to write an oath stating objectives that even Hitler would be proud of and make them wear dumb t-shirts with your motto written all over it. Which by the way, is the most pathetic and illiterate I've ever seen. Using the word "fag" to illustrate the enemy a.k.a. the NON-ABSITNENCE BOYS (cue gasp from soccer moms) is not only extremely arrogant and disgusting (equal to calling an Afican-American a "nigger", which I'm sure by reading your site, is not!

a problem with you) is a childish way to attract people into your group. I would have no beef with you if your website claimed "Pre-marital sex is something you choose and must live with as a consequence, which is something that is not desirable in our society...". But instead you turn it into a sexist campaign to attract die-hard christian children but not allow them to understand their situation then give them the choice. In all due given honesty, if history were to look back at the kind of people that came out of that group, it would have been most definitely been extremists who are on-par with the extreme religious people who created the incident in Waco, Texas and 9/11. And history does NOT by any measure look at them with admiration. I would go so far as to say history has claimed that all extremists have been hated for their blind and hurtful deeds. I hope your group fails miserably.
DATE = 07/05/2005
SUBJECT = Homophobic conservative douche-bags
NAME = Taylor Juan Bob III
MESSAGE = This is one of the most homophobic idiotic web-sites I have ever been curiouse enough to check out. Hurting some little kid who is different, constant references to "fags" and "queers". You guys really need a girlfriend, that is probably why you made this bull-shit site... Your stupid asses can't get one so you have to practive abstinence. Turd Sandwiches!

P.S. I only can wish you close-minded asses will learn how to do things the right way, dicks in vaginas... or asses... or mouths. No, seriously, get a life.
DATE = 06/30/2005
SUBJECT = The website in general
NAME = Will Sell
MESSAGE = When will you conservatives learn that abstinence is not a good solution. Condoms are in existence for a good reason. The facts available on this website are false. Sex is natural amongst humans, and none of us would be here today if it wasnt for it.
DATE = 06/17/2005
SUBJECT = Iron Hymen Bracelets
NAME = Danielle
MESSAGE = I would really like if you guys would make IRON HYMEN bracelets like the LIVEstong ones. It would be neat if it was Hot Pink because there are none that I have seen that color. I think that people would be more likely to buy a bracelet like that then to buy the shirt, which some girls could get in trouble with at school.
DATE = 06/17/2005
NAME = Not one of you
MESSAGE = You guys are fags with to much time on your hands. you smell like a rotten, festered asshole who has a big cock shoved up in your gloryhole.
DATE = 06/14/2005
NAME = Smurfboy
MESSAGE = this is the dumbest thing i have seen all of these kids on here are going to turn gay and love dudes anyways,i can see being edge and only having sex at all but hanging out with a bunch of boys is just going to lead to circle jerks, fucking losers
DATE = 06/09/2005
SUBJECT = Too far
NAME = Ian Amman
MESSAGE = I am definitely for waiting until someone gets married to have sex, but I think this Sex for Fags is going too far. I feel it is taking the wrong approach by suggesting to beat up those that do have sex and making fun of them. All this is doing is causing more hatred towards other people instead of educating our youth on why it is important to wait until marriage to have sex. There are better ways to get teenage boys and young men to respond to not wanting to have sex, and I should know because I was one of those teenagers and I am one of those young men now. Tell them they should respect all women and their future wife, even if they don't know them yet. Have them talk honestly about sexual feelings and temptations and ways to be accountable to each other. But please don't tell them sex is for fags because they are getting the wrong ideas about sex, which is a way a married couple expresses their love to each other by coming together as one the way our Lord Jesus Christ intended it. Thank you for listening to me.
DATE = 06/07/2005
SUBJECT = your the whore
NAME = riles
MESSAGE = i cant beleave what u are telling young girls that sex is bad. i think if u are in love, that sex is perfectly fine, and how dare u call someone a whore. your the whore around here. you made one of my best friends cry because your site said that people who have sex are whores. I hope you are happy with yourselfs.
DATE = 06/05/2005
SUBJECT = dorks
NAME = Mike
MESSAGE = You guys are a bunch of fucking dorks. Why don't you go play your video games and buy some thicker glasses.
DATE = 06/03/2005
SUBJECT = angry much
NAME = J Phillips
MESSAGE = I think your passion is beautiful and your cause is super important-- but the anger that is steaming from the screen ("senile bitch") is way out there. I feel that instead of educating the public and doing any good for animals, you come off like a woman with major anger problems. Maybe this will mean nothing to you, but I hope that having someone recognize that anger--and feel empathy about it-- might help you to recognize it. We're all trying to fight the good fight(s), but sometimes we have to remember to take care of ourselves as well. And in fact, by taking care of ourselves, we bring a lot more good to the world. Good luck on your mission!
DATE = 05/31/2005
SUBJECT = personal federal indictments
NAME = anonymous
MESSAGE = Hello how are you Mr Chickenhead. Mr Chickenhead I am not so fine frankly as an investigator that works independently with fraud and FCC regulation disputes with companies like yours who presume that you will never get caught in FCC fraud and be put oout of business think again. I do not have the time to waste on your case so I will tell you this mush you are misrepresenting yourself as a parody distribution chain of events and in fact you are only reciting and adding to information that is already being made to the public this is fraud since you are only adding to the script and information that has been made available to the public instead of rewriting the information into a parody stance legally. you are infringing on the legal rights of the people that you are representing in the Whitehouse therefore you are not a parody informant but a thief sir that infiltrates other peoples lives in a negative manner mainly my life and the lives of the other peole that think that you and your company need to be out of business since you are misrepresenting yourself and others illegally in order to deceive the public that you are a legitimate operation that has gotten the permission of the personnel of the Whitehouse in order to distribute information concerning the Whitehouse legally. I will be filing charges with the proper authorities of Fcc fraud and failure to obtain the proper paperwork before defrauding the public with the fact that you are a parody website for the or about the Whitehouse. I do not know who you are at the moment but I am sure the government will find out eventually in the meantime maybe you should think of contacting the Whitehouse and explain why you are using their information illegally. I would like to see the website for the Whitehouse or anything deceptively on the Whitehouse out of your internet unless you get the permission from the president to use his works the next time you decide to deceive the public hopefully it will be from obtaining the proper paperwork before you get charged with FCC fraud and get put out of business for deceptive practices against the Whitehouse and the people of the UNited STates. cordially independent investigator for the people of the United States of America
DATE = 05/18/2005
SUBJECT = Nice Site
NAME = Phil McKraqin
MESSAGE = Now That I've gotten your attention you little fucks i hope you die a horrible death...I'm not gay but you're infringing upon their rights to not be harrassed....this site is bullshit....and it's pussy ass right wingers like you conservative fucks that don't understand dont even play the conservative part when you do shit like this you little pussy ass small dicked bitches...have fun fuckin little boys when you turn 40 while your wife gets drunk constantly and sleeps with the lawn boy...bitch!
DATE = 05/12/2005
SUBJECT = drinking games
NAME = Thomas Murphy
MESSAGE = In the first game listed in your drinking game section, are you actually telling guys that they should be raping girls? I am sincerely hoping that is a misunderstanding on my part.
DATE = 05/09/2005
SUBJECT = Fuck you
NAME = Frat Fucker
MESSAGE = I hope you get fatally fag-bashed sometime motherfucker. Maybe you'd crack some real good jokes with your jaw ripped off. Makes it easier to suck your frat buddies off you repressed homo cocksucker.

P.S. I hope you have AIDS.
DATE = 05/09/2005
NAME = Emily & Stephanie
MESSAGE = What so all we are good for is sex and being your slaves? Don't Fucking think so ass hole. just because you got your poor pussy heart ripped out, doesnt mean that other guys will. Or is it that you are a 50 year old who has never gotten laid...hmmm. Or it could even be because you're gay and are to chicken-shit to admit it.
DATE = 05/06/2005
NAME = Jacky
MESSAGE = I love the straight forward views and utter devotion to animals. Where are you situated and are you international? Oh, and another thing ... howcome you hate PETA so much, sure they take an extremely peaceful approach compared to you but they are essentially working towards the same ideals aren't they? Anyway, great work! Animals have endured violence from thoughtless humans for too long. Thanks
DATE = 05/06/2005
SUBJECT = wow speakin of fags
NAME = Billy Bishop
MESSAGE = three words came to mind when reading ur site: OH MY GAWD! the boys on this site only chose abstinence because theyre way too ugly to get laid anyway. Oh and they dont exactly have all the anatomy facts down either. By the way, nice slogan..its about as gay as you are
DATE = 05/04/2005
SUBJECT = Free Puppy
NAME = David
I am responding to your advertisment regarding a free puppy, and am interested in recieving a free puppy. If you are serious about giving a free puppy away, please contact me to arrange a pick up.

DATE = 04/26/2005
SUBJECT = Comment
NAME = Meadow
MESSAGE = I am a pet lover and take very good care of my animals. However I take care of the elderly too I cannot believe you would call an old woman the names you have called her that is ridiculous! Obviously she cares about her animal or she wouldn't have it at the vet to begin with.
DATE = 04/25/2005
NAME = Vegie_Girl
MESSAGE = Hello,

I am very disheartened as I write this. Sadly, I know that writing letters to the Prime Minister of Canada won't stop the seal hunt. I'm sure you've seen the footage of what's happening to these beautiful creatures -- it's just horrific and pure EVIL. I sincerely hope that the A.D.M has members in Canada who will do what's necesseray to stop these murderers.

Though I'm not a violent or "unlawful" person, I morally support what you do, and unfortunately it's only actions similar to yours that will get through to these stupborn imbeciles.

They've already shut the ALF site down -- In minnesota, they've taken away the right to even speak of morally supporting ALF or any direct action group. Whatever happened to freedom in America? Oh -- I guess when freedom's an inconvenience for the government, we no longer have a free country.

I hope you guys get in there and get involved in the seal hunt.
DATE = 04/22/2005
SUBJECT = this site is bullshit
NAME = Ben
MESSAGE = this site is another way the american government is trying to supress the american people. it is also an assult on the gay and lesbian population. the word 'FAG' is a derogitory term that offends the GLBT community. There are better ways to get the message of sex education out there to the people who need it. FUCK GEORGE W. BUSH and the conservative right wing bullshit his administration is propigating to america.
11/4/08 can't get here soon enough.
DATE = 04/16/2005
NAME = Clit Lover 06
MESSAGE = This is quite possibly by far the most homosexual site I have ever seen in my life. A loser who could probably not get any from a girl - or - GUY for that matter heaven forbid its a guy. made this site. Dont be angry. you could get some drunk girl somewhere. but it is really sad that you actually made a site like this for people to make fun of you. Who are you to knock on other people for what they do and their sex lives. Purity and abstinence isnt the answer for everbody. So you should really get a life and stop trying to make a difference SEX is a human trait. Its what made your sorry uneducated, idiotic, self opinionated ass born. and dont try to turn this around on me. I am attending Yale for two more years and possibly attending it for 3 more in Yale Law. I believe I got my point across. That sex isnt for everyone but its not for fags alone.
DATE = 04/14/2005
SUBJECT = what a bunch of fuck heads u guys are
NAME = brenden
MESSAGE = sex isnt for fags,
being scared of havin sex is! ur all a bunch of puffs who couldnt get laid even if u wanted to. its obvious what the problem is.... your all ugly repressed wierdos who cant get pussy so pretend they dnt want it! live in the real world for a change u fuckin freaks.
DATE = 04/09/2005
SUBJECT = Site Needs Work
NAME = Kathryn B.
MESSAGE = Dear Iron Hymen admitistrators,
I am shocked that a group that works for America's government would actually attempt to tell teenagers that they shouldn't wear sandals or t-shirts. I quote "2. To never wear trampy stuff like shorts or t-shirts or open-toed shoes, which basically tell horny perverts that I'm a major tramp who's just asking for it. "
That is complete propaganda... and it just plain doesn't make sense. I have never heard of a girl getting hit on or having sex because of wearing t-shirts or sandals with open toes. You say teenagers shouldnt wear anything provacitive, and then you go off selling Thong Panties! Your site needs work, because as it is now, I don't think you'll win America's youth with contradictions all over.
-Kathryn B.
DATE = 04/09/2005
NAME = maxime dechamps
MESSAGE = Vous êtes les plus grands crétins du monde! Comment pouvez-vous dire des choses pareilles! C'est attroce que des gens puissent encore être aussi simple d'esprit quand on est a la tete du plus puissant pays au monde. Sachez que pour nous, personnes éclairées et critique, vous ne nous inspirez que dégout et répugnance. Vos valeur et votre religion n'a pas de fondement, et reste la plus vate blague que le monde aie connue. Vous tuez des millions de jeunes dans le monde! VOUS ETES STUPIDES! Ca me désoléde devoir vous dire ca, un être humain doté d'un minimum de bon sens s'en rendrais compte, visiblement, vous pas.
DATE = 04/05/2005
SUBJECT = comment
NAME = scott102189
DATE = 04/04/2005
NAME = Harley freeman
MESSAGE = ok i just read your 10 thing that COOL dude are doing and frankly i thnik that u lot will trun out gay coz the thing in there are truly sad and GAY like "you need the guidance of a middle-aged man who likes to play dress-up and go camping in the woods with hordes of young boys" well where i come from this sounds like a pedofile and dose not stop u thinking about gils if anything makes u want to think about them more and one more realy GAY line is "bulging zippers grazing firm buttocks, touching, tackling, and wrestling" plz e-mail me back and tell me you are not all QUEERS
DATE = 04/01/2005
SUBJECT = u sick assholes
NAME = Bob
MESSAGE = You sick mother fucking asshoes. you should be ashmed of yourselves. Sex is nesecarry, and good fun for everyone. you are a bunch of prudes who tried to get laid but misearbly failed, so you decided to make a website about how people should be uncool like you. You and the rest of christianity should be banished to Jupiter where you can have your good clean fun and outstanding morals and not bother the rest of mankind. Stuff a cork in it, because no one wants to hear anymore of your shit...

God sucks...

DATE = 03/26/2005
SUBJECT = what the fuck
NAME = Lacey
MESSAGE = This site contains the most supid information I have ever read. I am a young lady and I DO NOT appreciate close-minded ignorant information like this to be targeted to young girls. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. I am utterly disgusted with the author of this information. It is beyond rediulous. Get a life.
DATE = 03/25/2005
SUBJECT = You're the fags
NAME = Andre
MESSAGE = There are you christian bastards who are the worst fags of all. Just because you're ugly or christians don't meen others are... Keep your sick perverted religion, or whatewer too youre self. Last of all - FUCK OFF !!!
DATE = 03/24/2005
SUBJECT = mrs bushes list
NAME = big mike
MESSAGE = well i just stumbled over this web site because i went on to the
well i would just like to let all of you know that the way she discribes the fraze is un called for "Because boys use the business end of their privates as a pipe for going number one, touching it is pretty much the same as taking a bath in a Mexican's toilet. "

I'm a mexican male and I think this should be removed from this list because you are giving all mexicans a bad name just cause you want to keep your kids from having sex. I thought you people were a little more civilized when i heard you were trying to help our youth. "I hope you will remove this filth at once." and I'm expecting a possitive reply.
DATE = 03/21/2005
SUBJECT = Welcome to the Stoneage
NAME = Ryan
MESSAGE = In reference to the 10 things a girl should now about boys privates. What a piece of garbage that was. I can't believe in the year 2005, you would release such an article. I fully believe in educating our children, I have one of my own. But any parent should know (because they were once kids) that you can only control them so much. They will figure things out for their own.
I think this article brings sexuality back to the stoneage. You know what would be better, and actually truthful?
Ladies sex is fantastic, especially with someone you love. Be honest and true to yourself. If you want to wait till marriage! Great, there are TONS of guys that will support you, and respect you for that, and will even love you more for it. If you let yourself be brainwashed by this stoneage dribble, then you're missing out on something great. My opinion is not everyone's, but I will raise my children to be smart and make smart decisions, what they do after that is their decision, and their life. You can't control them only educate them, so be accurate!
DATE = 03/21/2005
NAME = Serra
MESSAGE = You are sick human beings and do not deserve to live. There is nothing wrong with sex its acting responsibly that is the problem but trying to freak out kids by using god or trying to gross them out will not work you morons!
DATE = 03/17/2005
NAME = Enraged Mother
MESSAGE = Dear Sir or Mam,

YOU ARE SPREADING LIES! Many of the ideas on this site (allong with the iron hymen site) are proposterous! I mean - don't get me wrong - I believe that you are trying to portray a great message here. But you are going about it all wrong. When young adults see this information, they do not take it the way you feel they will. I mean, are you TRYING to put the increase of human population at a hault? You are turning little boys into woman haters... and turning little girls into male bashers. So, basically... because of you... the future will be filled with a bunch of homosexual people. Not that that's a wrong idea, although you'd probably think otherwise, it's not right to do this to children. Dont tell them to hate the opposite sex... tell them that they should only have sex with the person they love. And that if they/their girlfriend gets pregnant.. to not be afraid to ask for help. No matter what you do.. there will always be those few children that have their OWN ideas. (that means they can't ALL be brainwashed, moron) And, on further note, I really do think that your 'scientiffically proven balogna' is a load of 'trichinosis.' (and if you don't believe me... read number eight on this site And as for me - I'm going to warn my friends and family about you and your madness.
DATE = 03/16/2005
SUBJECT = Sex is for fags
NAME = Jennifer
MESSAGE = YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!! Not only are you offending many people who have the right to chose whether they would like to have sex, but you are also judging who they have it with! On top of that you are NOT affiliated with the White House at all!! If you truly are God-fearing citizens, you believe that He is the only one who can judge a human! He is the only one who can judge your outcome on Judgement Day! Just remember that he without sin is the first to cast a stone, and no one is without sin! God is the only one to judge-- AND YOU ARE NOT GOD!
DATE = 03/15/2005
SUBJECT = Iron Hymen
NAME = Sage Woodard
MESSAGE = I was shocked and Horrified after looking at this website. I believe that this is a degrading website for women. Using Jesus to scare women or girls into abstinence is horrible. I believe that abstince should be a personal decision made because it is what you want to do not because you are afraid the flames of hell will consume you if you have pre-marital sex. As a woman I can't believe we are telling girls not to wear tampons because they are the "albino penis". What is wrong with our society?
DATE = 03/10/2005
NAME = me
MESSAGE = c'mon what kind of shit is this site ur the ones that r fags-u non pussy gettin fuckin computer nerds
DATE = 03/07/2005
NAME = Luke Renken
MESSAGE = After viewing both this site and your sistersite (Iron Hymen) I'm not sure what to think. As someone who has grown up a a conservative Lutheran I must say that I have never seen anything this stupid come out of the conservative media. The information that you put in here only a sheltered homeschooled kid would even begin to believe. Personaly I don't know whether or not to take it as a joke. Do you really think that people are going to believe this crap much less have it turn them to abstinance. God tells us not to lie for a reason, and that reason is so that people will not get the wrong ideas about things in life that are going to affect them. I've seen some stupid stuff in my time, but this really takes the cake. Have fun with your lies and we'll see where you end up.
DATE = 03/07/2005
SUBJECT = What?!
NAME = Frida Lundberg
MESSAGE = What in the world are you trying too teach young women? Sex is not a bad thing. And there are stuffs like condoms that could be used in situations like that. Did you know that? Marrige is just something people has invented. You don't have to be married to have a baby. Don't teach girls that boys are evil and sex is something unnatural, because it isn't. It's as natural as eating food or drinking water. How did your parents do to get you. Did they make you out of clay? I don't really know if you are serious about this website. I really hope not.
I have a boyfriend myself since two years, and we have sex. It's nothing unnatural here in Sweden. I'm not pregnant or having any kind of diseases. I can't understand that this site is linked from the whitehouse homepage. I really can't.
DATE = 03/06/2005
SUBJECT = fage
NAME = john doe
MESSAGE = this is the gayest site i have ever seen will you please give the world a break and fuck off
DATE = 03/06/2005
SUBJECT = your site.
MESSAGE = you people make me sick. and piss me off to no end. people like you are the reason it's getting harder to get laid. censoring everything is wrong. if you don't like it, don't watch it or buy it or let your kids watch it. but you have the right to share your opinion with the world about whatever you want. so go ahead. just dont ruin it for everyone else. thanks
DATE = 03/05/2005
SUBJECT = you people...are horrible
NAME = Trey
MESSAGE = you guys are absolutely stupid....i cant believe someone would waste their time making a site like this... if i met any of you in real life i would seriously beat the crap out of you guys cause you think you can make a site and call people fags cause they have sex but WAKE UP YOU MORON SEX IS COMPLETELY NATURAL HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU CAN TO should all be throwin in prison i hate all of you

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