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DATE = 04/22/2006
NAME = d
MESSAGE = I saw you kooky kidz corner and you can be no more wrong with the 'talon' ammo. It is a hollow point and NOT a full metal jacket (fmj) projectile. Even with FMJ 44 magnum, FMJ 45acp, or FMJ 357 magnums; it still will NOT penetrate a level III / level IIIA kevlar vest that the police use. Keep in mind that 'black talon' rounds are NOT made any longer and are getting more and more rare by the day. Who would want to pay $40.00 for a box of 20 9mm or 45acp rounds of talon; when they can purchase 'el-dorado' PMC or cor-bon hollow points that are much cheaper and much more plentiful? As the cavemen from that insurance commercial(s) have said "Next time do a little research".

P.S. whats that kid doing with the p-08 luger in the boy member spotlight. It is "LUGER" and NOT "RUGER". Ruger has nothing to do with the lugers of WWII. Why would his uncle give him a gun that is so rare and worth at least $1400.00 (one thousand- four hundred) at auction? It also hard to belive that a 9mm from a luger would have the range associated with deer hunting. The 9mm has neither the range nor power to take any real deer, even the ones you have associated with in your-website. Don't tell me you made this story up like you did with everything on your web-site.

Don't bother responding if you guys dont have your facts straight.
DATE = 04/17/2006
SUBJECT = Hypocrits
NAME = stew
MESSAGE = okay, so who ever made this site are really comfused or something. "sex is for fags"? you call yourself christians but u use words like fag? that would be like me saying "fried chicken is for niggers!! yay god!" uh huh. well i am a FAG and i used to be a chrisitan, but its chrisitans like the developers of this site that made me turn away. you guys will goto church and praise god, but you leave the church, light up a ciggeret, curse and dis others. jesus teaches loving everyone. saying stuff like "sex is for fags" isnt something jesus would approve of im sure. just thought id let you know that your site greatly offends me.
DATE = 04/14/2006
SUBJECT = faggots
NAME = Lilsoccerdevil4
MESSAGE = This website is GAY AS SHIT! if you sat there an let some guy piss on you and shove stuff UP YOUR ASS your a fuckin faggot dude. Im in a fraternity and i never did any GAY SHIT, if any thing having some one put something in your ass makes you less of a man...god damn you guys are GAY!
DATE = 04/10/2006
SUBJECT = Are you crazy???????
NAME = M Peek
MESSAGE = Why in the world would a government body do something so horrible? Saying sex is for "fags" and calling girls vaginas dirty, and gross will only screw kids up! Making"fag"seem like being gay is a horrible thign, how do you think ths program effects young males who are gay or think they might be gay? Does no one ask a parent what they think of theese programs before shoving them down our childrens throats? The link for this program is on the white house web site, a site I thought was safe for children to visit, and learn about thier government. My child will not be visiting this site!
DATE = 04/09/2006
SUBJECT = Asinine
MESSAGE = Congratulations! is the most asinine web site I've ever seen in my life. Clearly, this is produced by the most arrogant, most intellectually-challenged (i.e., retarded), and biggest assholes in American society. Now *that* is something to be proud of!
DATE = 03/14/2006
SUBJECT = Sexism
NAME = Martin
MESSAGE = My girlfriend sent me a link to this site, and my god, this is totally sexist! Get some facts right you lesbians
DATE = 02/23/2006
SUBJECT = Your page
NAME = Jessica
MESSAGE = This page is totally disgusting. Along with the sex is for fags page. This is worse than talking about sex. Teaching kids lies is wrong. Sex is a natural beatiful thing. Abstinence is a wonderful thing to teach our youth but this is demented way of doing it.
DATE = 02/17/2006
SUBJECT = Don't work against those who try to help animals
MESSAGE = I am concerned about your article of the removal of the PETA people, by A.D.M. people outside of the San Diego lab. The animals need all the action and attention they can get. We have to all work together. Get it? L.K
DATE = 02/10/2006
SUBJECT = terrorist reading list
NAME = khalifah M. Mohamed
MESSAGE = For the sake of peace and understanding and the consequence of what happening today in the news. I suggest that for the welfare, position, responsiblity for your actions that you remove THE QURAN off you terrorist reading list, Because you should know better to insult the people. It time that you grow up and start showing your better conduct. Cause fussing and cursing is nothing but evil and destruction. To try to demean people even out of your mentality of jest and play. Remember what you do today will come back to you one day. Grow up and be for real be truly righteous soul and do the right thing and take The Quran off your mockery list. Because I feel very sorry for you, and pray to ALLah to increase you in knowledge and understanding. Make that change and pray for a better world of existance on this planet and stop being Warmongers of the devil, Shaitan, because shaitan the devil have no power over you unless you, allow him to come in with the negativity that brings about discord and division among the human family. The decision now is yours to make. Stand up for what's right and forbid the wrong and take The Quran off that list you have. This will make you feel better as human being that you did the right thing. It time that we create that universal state based on truth, justice and human dignity that will bring about a better human society. Because we have to save the children, Save our Future
Peace Khalifah
DATE = 01/22/2006
SUBJECT = Concerning "Cosmic Peephole"
NAME = Nina
MESSAGE = Dear Sirs,
Although i do find some of the comments on your "Cosmic Peephole" very funny ... There is one comment in particular i find very upsetting, offensive and very insensitive to those of us who have lost loved ones to Cancer, and think the comment should be removed, the comment being "? is batter-frying a platter of sarcomas". This comment i find offensive and sick, not in the least bit funny. Is there any possibility that the offending comment can be removed please.
DATE = 01/07/2006
SUBJECT = Your spoof gun site
NAME = Sam Adams
MESSAGE = I ran across your site equating the NRA with the KKK as your URL says. I just have to say it's factually wrong. I'm assuming you are a bleeding-heart sand-in-their-pussy liberal that doesnt understand guns and just wants the individuals in our different levels of government making decisions for you and "protecting" you from the evils of the inner cities like in Washington D.C.
DATE = 12/30/2005
SUBJECT = are americans that stupid
NAME = Jon
MESSAGE = YOU IDIOTS NO WONDER AMERICA IS SCREWED. If boys didnt experiment with themselves when the get marride they would'nt know what to do and theyd be devorced emmediatly. im a christian but i know that what your surjesting is plain STUPID, YOU AND YOUR SISTER SITE should be taken offline forever. and why dont you get a president that isnt so stupid wanting to bomb an allie. stupid dumb americans.
DATE = 12/18/2005
SUBJECT = the wrong message
NAME = Melissa Dooley
MESSAGE = I am an 18 year old girl from England. I happened to stumble upon this site whilst searching on Google. The first thing I must say is that I am appalled and amazed at the message you are giving American teens. As I am sure you are aware Britain has pretty much the same teen pregnancy and sexual disease issues as America, but never in all my life would I expect the British government to promote such a narrow minded shame provoking approach. I don't believe in pre marital sex either but you are not dissuading pre marital sex but all sex! Teens should know that sex within a loving relationship is natural and god encourages sex within a married couples loving relationship. One comment that is posted in the 10 things girls should know about menís privates really shocked me. The comment that the bush presidency is trying to make men ashamed of their nipples! Why?! It even clearly stated that they are not sexual, so why should they be shameful? Do you know that in the Netherlands they encourage openness about sex? They encourage the use of contraception and their teen pregnancy rate is one of the lowest in the world! And the percentage of teens practising pre marital sex is also lower! Don't you see that by making sex shameful you are only encouraging teens to be secretive, so when they do have sex and make mistakes they have to feel dirty and ashamed and probably resort to back street abortions or deny their pregnancy. I do admire the so called virginity clubs that are present in America, whereby teens promise not to have sex before marriage, I feel that these are counter acting the culture of sex in our society. But I am extremely worried about some of the things said on this site. Teens should not be made to feel ashamed of their bodies and bits. Teens should not be told that all sex is shameful, but that sex is better and more meaningful within a marriage. The 'facts' on your website are also twisted and moulded into what are frankly simple scare tactics. We in England are perfectly aware that Americans have a rather unhealthy fascination with media culture especially media scare tactics. Where does the sex education come into all this? You are educating in 'abstinence' but where are the sexual facts? Scaring girls off sex is one tactic but do any of them know how they would catch diseases or get pregnant? I feel very strongly that you are sending out the wrong messages to gullible young Americans. I hope you have taken note of the Netherlands approach and their success as I think their approach is obviously a better way forward for us all.
DATE = 12/14/2005
SUBJECT = cheap drek
NAME = Rosie
MESSAGE = Hey, where is your parody of a pseudo satirical, over-priced curio hawking, jackoff journalism, puny peepee, semen sucking site. Oh yeah, you forgot to make fun of transexuals! Rosie
DATE = 12/07/2005
SUBJECT = maybe not that impatient
NAME = denny
MESSAGE = hey i didn't realize you guys actually advocated killing people. thats too far. remember, people are animals too. and as you well understand, many of them are ignorant to the pain they cause non-humans. i approve of scaring the shit out of those who abuse animals so that they think twice about doing it again, but killing them is going backwards in a way. all life is sacred.
DATE = 12/06/2005
SUBJECT = bull shit
NAME = John
MESSAGE = After reading both of your websites "Sex is for FAGS!" and ďIron Hymen Abstinence-OnlyĒ I am very appalled with how you are telling young teens this bullshit. How you are distorting what is FACT and something you just pulled out of your own ass. Maybe you should focus on providing pre-teens and teen the knowledge about making independent, safe and sound choices based on All the information and facts.
DATE = 11/28/2005
NAME = Dean Woodward
MESSAGE = Christ this is the stupidist fucking website ever made. My penis is very very soft and does not have scales filled with acid and anthrax. This is so wrong and retarded, that I wouldn't be suprised that George W. Bush wrote it himself. And what the fuck is finger herpes? And what about the stupid negro that said you can get cancer from sex? You guys are the fags because you don't have sex. People are only abstinent because theyre ugly and fat. Fuck you, Fuck Bush, and fuck your fucking gay ass abstinence website.
DATE = 11/28/2005
SUBJECT = hello, my name is Nick.
NAME = Nick
MESSAGE = Hello, you fucking scare me. I really do not understand what your message is. is the most un-american thing i have ever seen. Yes, i said un-american. I am shiting my pants right now. I cannot believe what i saw on that site, my eyes are scarred for life. I hope this is a big joke, because if you or anyone on this EARTH believes in the things you say on these sites, i hope you burn in hell.
DATE = 11/28/2005
SUBJECT = This website
NAME = ryan
MESSAGE = This is the worst website I have ever been to, and should be romoved from the www right now...Who ever thought of this is a fucking idiot and should be shot for saying you are a fag if you have sex!
DATE = 11/22/2005
SUBJECT = baby review
NAME = Barbie
MESSAGE = Someone sent me the link to this site and the first thing I read was little miss boring. What is wrong with this man? I have an adorable 6 week old baby boy and if one of my "friends" ever said or even thought anything like this about my son then he/she is no friend of mine. Children babies are precious gifts and maybe if this man had even known the sorrow to have one placed in your arms after nine long months of carrying it to term, only to have God wrench it away 10 months later, He would not be so glib. I pity him and pray he has pets because he is going to be a lonely old soul with his present attitude.
DATE = 11/17/2005
NAME = Meateater
MESSAGE = You animal rights fuckers are the biggest pieces of shit the world will ever know along with the religious right and Bush. I bet you people have sex with animals when you're not planting bombs inside a meat packing plant. You guys are like bin Laden but stupider. At least bin Laden had big enough balls to blow up the twin towers and then come out and say he did it. Whenever you asswipes get caught killing a furwearer you all deny it like the fuckers you are. Have fun screwing your dog.
DATE = 11/14/2005
SUBJECT = disgust
MESSAGE = Your posting re the "senile human bitch" ranks you with the bombers in the mid East in terms of blind fanaticism. You are not only misguided you are disgusting.
DATE = 11/14/2005
SUBJECT = you guys are crazy
NAME = Chris
MESSAGE = You guys are so pessimistic, how can you say that sex is for fags. Sex is designed for reproduction and pleasure. The continuation of the human race, and pleasure do to the great sensation you get as you climax. I am 18 and a proud father of a wonderful baby boy. He was an accident I will admit however I love him to pieces. I have also been accepted into the British Army as an officer, the most respected profession within any armed service in the world. However according to you I am a fag because I have had sex, I donít understand how that works. Also as you probably are all bible bashers perhaps take this into consideration, GOD would not have given you the sexual urges and hormones if it was his wish for us not to have sex, and donít go sending back an e-mail with a religious explanation as I am an atheist and it will fall on deaf ears. If you are just joking around and this website is a joke then itís a very good one I must give it to you, but if not you are living in a dream world and will one day have a rude awakening. Religion is everyday being proved wrong through immoral living, one example, our present situation with terrorism in the name of ďGODĒ as osama bin laiden says. So explain how a god can exist if he sits back and allows this to happen? Or may be he does exist but just finds it entertaining. I will look forward to your reply.
DATE = 11/11/2005
SUBJECT = Roy Lessin
NAME = Fred Zegelien
MESSAGE = I canít believe you recommend this book of torturing young children on your site. I will NEVER recommend your site to anyone, except the Police.

I feel that all parents who subscribe to this kind of torture should endure it first before inflicting it on innocent children. This site is sickening to all decent parents in the world. A good swat is one thing, but this book advocates spanking when the child is doing what they are told but are pouting.

What is wrong with you? You should be shut down for advocating violence against children.
DATE = 11/10/2005
SUBJECT = are you kidding?
NAME = Vpatton02
MESSAGE = i stumbled along your site completely by chance. u see, i'm a first time mom- to -be due in feb. of this yr. i'm not a minivan cruising soccer mom, nor am i one who beleives that i have to spend $45 on a box of diapers, however, it's lovely to see that yet another site has been developed to aid morons in spreading their ignorance to the rest of a fairly civilized society. i was intrigued when i saw the heading baby review and thought it would be an interesting site, it was beyond stimulating to waste what little time i did reading the completely stupid submitions by your obviously trailer trash, meth head, ghetto dwelling readers. i say this because obviously anyone who picks on the actions of infants has to be some sort of statistic that dwells on state programs that hard working tax payers like myself support. the writer of little miss boring is obviously a drunken slut, and the fact that she knows how to use email amazes and astounds me. anyhow, the beauty of the sitch. is we all have a freedom of speech, and i'm sure all who know you are so proud of the amazing way you've chosen to express such a freedom. even posting such stupid stories makes no sense. but i can only imagine the type of people you are, and in today's world, there are a million cracked individuals like you thinking it's just funny. don't worry you didn't disturb me, i'm far too intelligent to play into that game, after all you're looking for shock value right? all it did was further chap my ass, and further my beleif that perhaps the u.s. should censor half the stupid crap that goes on line. not because it's bad for the little kiddies to see, or because i'm an intolerable religous finatic, but because you make the human race in general look completely stupid.
DATE = 11/07/2005
SUBJECT = u wankers
NAME = jesus
MESSAGE = you people are fuckin sad acts. get a life. it is not normal to be a boy and hate girls and to surpress your sexual feelings. i think you should accept that u are gay, and should be doin many boys up the arse. god intended that men and woman come together and express there love though sexual intercourse. if we didnt do this we wouldnt be alive ur arsehole. another things "dude milk" is sperm ur fuckin cunts, if you going to make a site like this be professional about it. i think the only reason you join this is if you are gay, a loner, bulied or just to dam ugly to get a girl and be normal. get out get a life and stop being sad fucks
DATE = 11/04/2005
SUBJECT = sickness
NAME = michael gill
MESSAGE = your site is very, very, very, sick. Unchristian at best and diabolical at worse.
DATE = 11/03/2005
SUBJECT = I'm a better man for having not rushed.
NAME = bigbaldpiperdude

I never rushed in college, because I believed that you guys were a bunch of sell-out jerks. Now, after seeing your website, I believe you're a bunch of wussy, sell-out homo jerks, who don't face reality, and who believe that molestation is a testament of love. I agree with you that fucking with people makes them submissive. I disagree about your conclusions. Please reconsider what you're telling people (and doing to people). You'll be more of a "man" for it. Much more. Plus, you'll be welcomed by men who graduate (from college, high school, elementary school, or psych wards). - I promise.

You can still enjoy manly pleasures without being the way you are.
DATE = 10/30/2005
NAME = Cory
MESSAGE = Sex is for fags? Can't you think of anything better? Like losers? Morons? Fags? What the hell? Sex is for fags? You're telling little kids that "fags" are bad, and thats not cool. You're selling homophobic merchandise that promotes hate towards other individuals. Please consider changing the site name or at least telling your users that you dont mean "fags" in a bad way towards homosexuals.

-Cory Admin
DATE = 10/29/2005
SUBJECT = what the?
NAME = hanz solar
MESSAGE = what the fuck is with this website? Is it for real and if it is is Mr Bush (Cockhead) & He's Wife smoking crack dipped in shit? I mean come on this website is basicly hate and it shows just how fucking stupid americans are? jees grow up
DATE = 10/21/2005
SUBJECT = The choir
NAME = You don't really care
MESSAGE = I'm sure it's profitable preaching to the choir, encouraging devisive thinking, and generally acting like you know what's best for everyone else. Glad to see you've become what you hate in the name of stopping it. I bet you don't even see it that way - which is, unfortunately, the province of the elite. Enjoy your position.
DATE = 10/20/2005
SUBJECT = chickenhead is a nasty anti american
NAME = Karen Wade
MESSAGE = This stuff is trash you little pervert. You should be stopped from doing this, very nasty. You should be locked up for the rest of your life. You're a damned jerk!!! Are you related to Michael Moore? I would say so. Go away, you're sickening. Oh, sounds like you're anti Christ too, well, one day you'll answer to the big guy upstairs for all of your evil thoughts and ways.
DATE = 10/13/2005
SUBJECT = You guys are full of shit
NAME = Bill
MESSAGE = You guys brain wash guys into shit thats totally absurd. You make women sound like shit completely. Guys who come here really are dumb and pathetic. More than likely u guys are the ones linked to child molestations in the church. Oh and could u do me a favor and go fuck yourselves with an iron stick if you don't already do that.
DATE = 10/12/2005
DATE = 10/09/2006
SUBJECT = ????
NAME = Brandy
MESSAGE = How DARE you use "fags" and "queer" and "gay" to promote abstinence?! Isn't it YOUR job to teach tolerance and education to these boys? I understand you are trying to get your point across, but you are also offending a whole percentage of the population! No wonder today's youth are so naive and corrupt and BRAINWASHED. Fuck you and your conservative bullshit.
DATE = 10/07/2005
SUBJECT = NRA.kooky kidz korner
NAME = Lucas schaaf
MESSAGE = Im having a school project in an european country and i find the NRA.kkk site/ community extremely disturbing! i do not agree it is alright to make a homepage for kids using guns and that they even let them know wich guns to purchase! i demand to be handed over an valid Email address or a phone number of the responsible persons. Lucas schaaf,
DATE = 10/03/2005
NAME = Grant
MESSAGE = Abstinence is for FAGS YOU STUPID FUCKS, that is why you dont see them fuckin all over the place, plus they would get shot!
DATE = 09/27/2005
DATE = 09/26/2005
SUBJECT = are you a faggot?
NAME = peter smith
MESSAGE = you like shovin your dick in your little brother's mouth and pissin, huh? you like to spank him real good and then fondle his tight little ass, don't you? you like real man with real cock and real ass? what are you, some kind of fucking ass-munching faggot? you greek fucks make me sick!
DATE = 09/11/2005
SUBJECT = you are a fool
NAME = very angry
MESSAGE = Having read your 10 moronic, dangerous and illegal ideas about assaulting other young people I felt I just had to point out that people like you are without doubt sad and sick of mind. What is your problem? Do girls and boys find you ugly in mind and body? GROW UP YOU TWAT AND GO AWAY FROM OTHER YOUNG PEOPLE. You are a danger and I will report what I have read to the police. YOU FOOL.
DATE = 09/09/2005
NAME = susan crownover
MESSAGE = I just wanted to let you know, as a woman, that my life goal is NOT "servicing your unit" you ass holes.... and all of you are gay.
DATE = 09/04/2005
SUBJECT = Warning
NAME = Samurai
MESSAGE = I have been hearing lot about you, about how you desermat bodies, you should rethink your tactics or who knows what may happen, maybe peeps will go after you guys. after all there is only so much peeps can take.
DATE = 09/03/2005
SUBJECT = you are a FUCKER
NAME = none of your business
MESSAGE = You are a FUCKER! You are a fag butt fucker! You butt fuck fag! You belong at the fag bars! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! YOU'RE A FUCK YOURSELF IN THE ASS HOLE!
DATE = 08/28/2005
SUBJECT = offensive
NAME = Monday
MESSAGE = I am abstanent, and a very dedicated christan, i feel what you have done here is a horrid, misleading matiral you have set out for the youth of America to read. First off your language used in this is offensive beyon belief. After reading this i feel very disgusted to be an American. I have been a long standing patriot of this lovely country but this took it was to far. You are most likly going to hell for this
DATE = 08/25/2005
SUBJECT = haha
NAME = kayla
MESSAGE = u spelled brunette wrong u dumb blond

your just jelouse beacuse we have the brain and the beauty and u will never amount 2 b like me sucker
DATE = 08/25/2005
SUBJECT = "brunet" jokes
NAME = angela
MESSAGE = those were horrible jokes with mispelled words & they proved how dumb you truely are!
DATE = 08/24/2005
SUBJECT = RE; web page
NAME = Gail
MESSAGE = You need a new live...and an awareness of what is really going on.... You are sick.
DATE = 08/21/2005
SUBJECT = ok...
NAME = kelsey
MESSAGE = ok i totally respect what your trying to do her but there are just somethings i have to say after stumbling across your site,
1. im abstinent and i can still dress how ever i want with out wanting sex, i can also ride horses and etc., and you make sex sound so bad, i dont plan on having sex untill mariage, but i dont want to totally poision my brian agianst it either
2. my older brother is gay and abstinent as well and as for me as well as on be-half of him i really dont like the way gays are portrayed on your site and there is nothing wrong with there "sicko" love as you so nicely put it
3. last but not least sex is a beautiful thing when your ready for it and you make it sound so bad, i think you need to reapproach you whole out look on how your approaching everything o yea and move out of the 19th century and back into the time period were actually living and realize that not every thing is bad and try and use correct words like penis and vagina more often it really makes you sound more intellegent

i really hope this will get you to atleast concider your approach on this and the whole gay life style thing i'd just like to say its stupid ppl like you that are the reason these ppl are suffering instead of just be able to live there lives, how can they have sex under the sactity of marragie if they cant even get married i cant go on about this im just to sick and disturbed by your website to continue

please consider what ive said

DATE = 08/16/2004
SUBJECT = Racism
NAME = Becks
MESSAGE = "While almost all American boys have human-looking privates, most foreign boys have privates like German Shepherds or half-open tubes of Max Factor lipstick. "

Racist bitch.

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