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DATE = 12/28/2006
DATE = 12/19/2006
SUBJECT = Faux Satanist
NAME = Hardcore Occultist
MESSAGE = What can I say? You're a moron. Don't you take anything seriously? I happened to find your 'Black Curses' and admittedly, I was offended. You call yourself a 'concubine of the Dark Prince' like it's a matter to make fun of. I am not a Satanist but I do practice Magick and I take all forms of the Occult very seriously. I have also seen friends who ruin themselves by thinking they can sell their souls to 'Satan' and seeing your pathetic attempt at making fun of those Occultists who actually work hard to try and gain some respect out of what they do has not made things any easier. I'm not going to curse you or send Demons after you because that's not what this is about, but you should really think about wha you're doing because someone else like me will see that page and they will do something stupid in an attempt to curse you. Try thinking about what you say, you inconsiderate waste of life
DATE = 12/19/2006
SUBJECT = ?????????/
NAME = jerry glasgow
MESSAGE = Is this site for real? What a waste of money. Is this site really a production of the Dept. of Health and Human Services? This is such a twisted, perverted concept of sexuality that it is unbelievable that anyone would post this kind of site.
DATE = 12/13/2006
NAME = Paula Kubala
MESSAGE = Is Usama Bin Laden one of your subscribers..??? This site is an insult to Americans. Grow up....and get a real job, dumbasses....
DATE = 12/09/2006
SUBJECT = james p bennett
NAME = are u for real ?
MESSAGE = No one cares for your bullshit.There are people dying for your right to print this crap u do. Maybe if a bomb went off in your "space" and killed your loved ones or better yet just hurt them u would stop being an asshole. Do u think the people jumping out of there windows on 911 would agree with you????????well buddie our shit don't stink thanks to the men and women who stand up for others. Unlike u who sit by the side lines hoping u won't get your finger nails dirty while conplaining how others are dying and protecting you from u from being a first class cunt...Yes u chicken"dick"head did u ever servre your country or did you just live here off of others???
DATE = 12/07/2006
SUBJECT = Are you serious
NAME = Jenny Wheeler

That is the biggest load of horse shit I have ever seen in my life, full of lies that only a complete moron would believe. And the people that believe it need to be shot along with this idiot who wrote it for being such complete and utter retards. I have never seen or heard such idiotic falsehoods in my entire life.

Abstinence wouldn't even help those who believe this load of shit, instead a nice shiny bullet to prevent them from reproducing would be much more effective, maybe you should take that advice to instead of filling the internet with this load of shit.

What you really need is to go suck a big fat cock

DATE = 12/06/2006
SUBJECT = Your site is fucking sweet
NAME = Joseph Taylor
MESSAGE = Let me guess, you guys are geeks that lived in the dorms. While all the girls went to greek row to party, you guys were stuck circle jerking while trying to find all the exits in super mario bros. Think about all the time you waisted because of this site, due to the self-loathing that we caused you. I pity you dorm bitch, and hope that maybe someday, you may find a girl that feels bad enough to have sex with you. Maybe.
DATE = 12/05/2006
NAME = Erica
MESSAGE = ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? this website made me sooooo angry!!! You cannot tell girls that the things on these websites are "scientific facts"!!! That is complete bull! I am also very appauled you would use a racial comment! That is ridiculous! You are teaching these young impressionable girls that sex is the most horrible thing on the planet! Which by the way is NOT true! I don't know if you have heard but GOD created sex. He created the penis, which this site made it seem like such a horrible thing, and he created the vagina! Sex is an amazing act of love! This website should be shut down! IT MADE ME COMPLETLEY SICK!
DATE = 11/27/2006
SUBJECT = sarah
NAME = capitalist country
MESSAGE = honestly, to DEMEAN Jesus is just plain WRONG!!! what are you thinking? He was an awesome person whether u like to acknowledge it or not. You dont have to believe or like Jesus, but please respect him. Jesus is holy for many ppl and calling him a "pinko commie" is plain degrading. You should be ashamed. Not that you care of course, you're all in it for the $$$, cuz this is a capitalistic country and you don't care what you have to do to earn a few extra bucks. People can be stupid and making fun of people is one thing, making fun of a God is another. Sick bastards.
DATE = 11/19/2006
SUBJECT = Jhon Paul Rodriguez
NAME = Membership.
MESSAGE = To Whom It May Concern;
Hello, I agree with your methods for the defense of animals and I would like to become a member of the group. I'm 20 years old and live in New York City.
DATE = 11/18/2006
SUBJECT = What the fuck is wrong with you?
NAME = Brad
MESSAGE = What is wrong with you people? sex and love are beautiful things, and masturbation is a safe and healthy practise. I have no problem with promoting abtinence. but you are telling confused young boys compleatly false infomation. you cant get cancer from sex- are you fucking insane? I have sex, and im not a 'faggot' I may be bi-sexual, but i asusre you that is unrelated. anyway- you people sicken me, -you- are messing with the heads of our youth, not me and my merry band of whores.

fuck off- sex with a preson (man or women) you love is a beautiful thing.

DATE = 11/15/2006
SUBJECT = free to be stupid
MESSAGE = I stumbled across your pathetic site trying to google something else. I don't find your site funny, but rather juvenile and remarkably lame. And your afilliated sites like Wow, that's some amazing creativity on your part. Did you make that up all on your own? Having grown up in NYC myself, I am quite familiar with the tolerated form of bigotry. Of course, racial bigotry is condemned, as it should be, but bigotry against the religious? against the military men and women? against law abiding citizens who own firearms? against the people of this country who live more than an hour's drive from you? All that kind of bigotry is acceptable to you, isnt it? Why? because you bought the line. You're a miserable, unhappy fuck so you blame everyone but yourself. You put down all these folks, but you probably don't even know anyone who is honestly devoutly religious. You probably don't know anyone in the military. You probably don't know a responsible gun owner. You fancy yourself as some hot shot giving the people you think are bigots, a shit storm of your own bigotry. You are so fucking stupid, you are totally blind to it. Wake up and live your life, you loser.
DATE = 11/02/2006
NAME = Desiree
DATE = 10/27/2006
SUBJECT = a bit extreme
NAME = Callie
MESSAGE = Excuse me, but i find this site a wee bit extreme for abstinence only education and am seriously question if this site is for real. I mean statments like: "I hate fags. Dude, I mean, dudes who can't stop touching their wangs?" seem to be provided by uneducated boys. Masturbating does not make you a 'fag' or gay. Masturbating is a very healthy thing.
DATE = 10/20/2006
SUBJECT = your website
NAME = Chuck
MESSAGE = This is an e-mail to all of you morons who are a part of this website. How dare you idiots put together such a blasphimas bunch of bull. I notice that you are you are so proud of your work that you do not put a link on your website. It is time to face the facts Our COMMANDER IN CHIEF is kicking A** on the threat against our country. Unlike the liberal schmucks that has let this situation esculate.
DATE = 10/18/2006
SUBJECT = This website
NAME = Elenor
MESSAGE = To whom it may concern,
I would just like to say that I find this website despicable. First, there is misinformation on this website. It is absolutely impossible to contract cancer from sexual contact of any sort. Also, if the correct precautions are taken, sex is quite safe and HIV is avoidable. The list goes on, but for the sake of time I will stop there. Oh, but also, sex is a normal action which every species performs. While I am not religious, one could say that God gave us the pleasure associated with sexual intercourse so that we would actually perform the action. Thank you for taking the time to read this email, and if you insist on have an abstinence-only program, at least get the facts straight and actually use real words, not 'hoo-hoo'. 'Hoo-hoo' is a term which would be used by a kindergardner or first grader.
DATE = 09/26/2006
SUBJECT = Greg Tolman
NAME = Blond moment
MESSAGE = You're sick of hearing about blonds being dumb?? Well it's "BRUNETTE"....Not burnet. Dumbass.
DATE = 09/01/2006
SUBJECT = Diefenbach
NAME = ananda lewis
MESSAGE = You a CRAZY FUCKING BITCH and should be euthanized!! I hope you rot in an asylum.
DATE = 09/01/2006
SUBJECT = Your website is
MESSAGE = Your website is a hoax you have digitally alter faces onto the bodies of boys you probably got from your personal private child porn stash. Your a loonatic and need to seek proffessional help. I would offer but I don't think you can afford me.
DATE = 8/23/2006
SUBJECT = greg
NAME = you're such a man
MESSAGE = If this is not a joke (and I assume it has to be), I hope you sleep well at night knowing that you're the biggest collection of closet faggots on the planet. If inserting bottles into your anus builds character for you, then I guess you'll always be a confident-less pig bottom for bosses all over the corporate world to piss on. Hope you can wash down that shit in your mouth with your favorite beer... Or was that beer chosen for you?
DATE = 08/09/2006
SUBJECT = please change this
NAME = Brittany Stephens
MESSAGE = i dont appreciate the impression of sex and boys u are giving to young impressionable girls and then on top of that you decide to make it that much more slanderous and blasphemous by throwing God, church, and Christianity in there. Descourage kids with the truth, which is more than enough for most, or at least print the truth. How are you any different than 0all the people telling kids how great sex is, if your lying to make it seemm terrible and useless. First of all, semen has all of 20 calories per ejaculation which hardly compares to the thousands that are in as many pints of ice cream as you say and calling a large majority of girls fat is not too smart either. And the whole the thing about sausages may be true but approaching the subject from a Christian point of view should you not be focusing on how unimportant size is because even good sex or large penises are irrelavent to people who are actively practicing abstinence. Instead tell girls how sex is not okay just because the world is doing it. Jesus did not do wat the world did and this is also the same world that murders steals and cheasts, some example. So i beg of you to write some truths and something that a teenager could believe that does bot live under a rock or a convent.

thank you,

DATE = 06/29/2006
SUBJECT = lies
NAME = john
MESSAGE = your so-called facts about a males genitals are ficticious, they have no scales, spines, do not secrete acid, do not "drop off" and an ejaculation of seamen has practically no calories. and as a european i can assure you that europeans have not got genitals like dobermen or lipsticks.

why do you spread these lies

DATE = 06/25/2006
NAME = basic information
MESSAGE = I was just wondering if you could send me some information. On anything actually. I came into this site and I find it very interesting. I want to make a difference. I am definately vegan and want to change the world anyway I can.
DATE = 06/23/2006
NAME = Sex is for Fags
MESSAGE = In today's confused world where sex is bought and sold and where a lot of young people's energy is wasted on exxagerated sex and masturbation, leading to a loss of interest in self-discipline and other important life fields, sex is for fags, is a disorganized, distorted and not serious means of trying to make boys less sexoholic and more disciplined The purpose is right, but the method is stupid and their results are zero.
DATE = 06/07/2006
SUBJECT = I would just like to say...
NAME = Tala
MESSAGE = YOUR ALL BULL SHIT! When you say sex is for fags your wrong! sex is for everyone. Your little speech was such a un-thought out piece of crap! And what the fuck are you doing Promoting Gay Bashings!(you know the part when you say to beat the crap of the guy you suspect to be queer) Wasn't it YOUR God who said to love everyone! Wasn't it YOUR God who was understanding and loved everyone! You are so fucked up!
DATE = 6/04/2006
NAME = your a fagget
MESSAGE = im going to beat the shit outta you with my bare hands then im going to hog tie your ass and light you on fire then im going to take whats left of you and im goig beat you with a baseball bat IF you dont shut down this wbsite
DATE = 05/29/2006
NAME = Étienne Clavet




Étienne Clavet
Proudly anti-american!!!!!
DATE = 05/27/2006
NAME = Jane
MESSAGE = I can't believe that there are women out there who are as ignorant and horrible as you are. To think that you are actually teaching women that something so great and wonderful as making love with someone is a disgusting, shameful act is degrading to the human race and women everwhere. God made us in his image and therefore we should respect and acknowledge the beauty of the human body. He gave us free will and he allowed us to have pleasure during the combining of the souls and body of two people who are truely in love. Teaching women to respect their bodies and not give away something as important as their virginity to the first random guy is a good idea, but it is their lives and we should learn to respect everyones own dicision. Shame on you for teaching this. It is after meeting people like you that I almost feel ashamed to call myself a christian. You should not be manipulating God's word for your cause. Good Day.

Disgusted Reader
DATE = 5/24/2006
SUBJECT = General...
NAME = Tommy
MESSAGE = question: I've just seen your side for the first time...How many guys are you doing this site? Have you really done all this stuff of testing biscuits and photographing other dudes cum... I just want to know, how real you are...Thanks in advance! Tommy
DATE = 05/24/2006
SUBJECT = Your hazing ritual
NAME = A real man
MESSAGE = You guys are as gay as can get. FUCKIN' FAGGOTS
DATE = 05/22/2006
SUBJECT = This website
NAME = Erik
MESSAGE = Who ever put this website together is sick, demented, delusional and should shut it down. No good will come of this and it sure doesn't have anything to do with Freedom Of Speech. Get a life.
DATE = 05/18/2006
SUBJECT = What are you thinking!?!?!?
NAME = Lindsay Sutherlans Boal
MESSAGE = I am a 29 year old succesful woman with a step daughter. I came across your site in research. What are you thinking providing teenagers with such terrible insulting ideas about thier own bodies and the bodies of boys. I am all for teenagers NOT having sex and waiting as long as possbile but the way you talk about it is disgusting and demeaning. I was horrified to read your top 10 list... and coming from a woman of power - 1st lady. Find other ways to reach girls than telling them such unreal negative thoughts. Sex can be a wonderful thing as adults, we all know that. Do not feed these chilren with some sick twisted self serving crap in the mean time. Give them facts not opinions. Thay have brains.
DATE = 05/13/2006
SUBJECT = Offensive
NAME = hatemonger
MESSAGE = Sex is for Fags? Why don't you say sex is for niggers or kykes, or spics. Throw in a few more hateful terms.
DATE = 05/04/2006
SUBJECT = Don't Lie...
NAME = GetALifeYouHomophobicIdiots
MESSAGE = Look, I don't completely disagree with girls not losing their virginity until they're married, that's up to them. But I do completely disagree with you LYING to stop girls from having sex. What's that all about? Is your sex life so bad that you can't let anyone else have some fun? A boy's penis cannot, and will not, break off during sexual intercourse! And maybe you've never seen a foreigners penis, because you seem to think they look horribly different to an Americans! Well I can assure you that they all look the same, excpet they vary in size! I hope you come to your senses soon and stop feeding the people of your country shit.
DATE = 05/03/2006
SUBJECT = how dare you
NAME = adam
MESSAGE = this is a disgracefull idea i know that my objection with you has any influence on me. but you are using this philosophy to scare people entirely rather than show how the finer parts of life can be done safely and with great satisfaction. the dirty little secret about all sex is that at heart it is not dirty. what horrified me most is the quote on your home page how absinance can fight wrinkles and even death, sounds very similar to a quite disturbed micheal jackson in your country who i do believe was involved in a pedofile case (but was proven innocent). well these teenagers who are getting pregnant are coming from repressed households and once entering the real world are taken advantage. they need to be educated not mothered. your part of the problem not the solution. and im british so if your american advocates change your ways it would mean nothing to me. im just outraged. i will be reading from your website in the next week to see your response.
DATE = 05/02/2006
SUBJECT = Your absurd article & advice
NAME = Eric L. Gilmour, Psyc.D
MESSAGE = Yes, I will agree that "sex is for fags", but it is also for lesbians and straight folk...I really don't understand your message. However, if you are here to write such rubbish, are not your parents FAGS...Yup, abstinence is the best and most effective form of birth-control and disease prevention, but a slogan such as you've adopted makes most young people laugh or ashamed! We should ALL be teaching SAFE SEX; MALE-FEMALE, MALE-MALE AND FEMALE FEMALE. Word of the day is condoms...NOT fags. If ignorance is bliss...Ya'll must be living in Disneyland (Where many young people have lost their virginity). Other sound advice is that MASTURBATION is not a sin, but a form of SAFE sex. Grow up; if you are old enough to turn on a computer and correctly use some of the BIG words that you have...Also, how many of you were VIRGINS until the night of your weddings? Guilt associated with sex really (and this is not a professional word) fucks kids up. We are all sexual beings, if we teach our children that, we'll all be better off!

E.L.G. Psyc.D (More importantly, Father of Two Sons and a Daughter: ALL sexually aware and comfortable asking questions and advice of me and my Wife).

P.S. Closet your HOMOPHOBIC banner, leading young men to believe that "SEX IS FOR FAGS" will lead to some potentially suicidal guys out there: Those who have gotten laid and after reading your crock of crap are full of guilt and questionong themselves and their sexuallity...SUPPORT & EDUCATE our kids, don't denegrate them!
DATE = 04/25/2006
SUBJECT = Hello.
NAME = Kenneth
MESSAGE = I just read one of your works from this site posted as a link from another site and I would just like to say that if you are serious about Anything you have posted on this website, you, and everyone that you have surrounded and corrupted, is a complete moron. This bullshit you put on your website is doing nothing more than scaring people with horrendous lies.

Please. Quit while you arent so far behind. Realize your own stupidity and stop this before it turns into another scientology. xxxxx

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