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Our Kooky Kids Korner Girl of the Month:

Name: Kimmy Johnson
Location: Tulsa, OK
Age: 5 1/2
Fav. Color: Yellow
Fav. Teletubby: Lah-Lah
Weapon: Remmington double-action 10 gauge

We caught up with Kimmy at Barry Goldwater Preschool one recent spring day just before afternoon nap time...

NRA KKK: Kimmy, we understand you recently became the proud owner of a gun. Would you like to tell us about it?

Kimmy: My daddy boughted it for me at the Wal-Mart. It goes BANG so loud!

NRA KKK: What kind of gun is it?

Kimmy: Wemington shotsgun. My daddy gotted it for me because I was good in the car, and because I feeded the doggies.

NRA KKK: Tell us, is this your first weapon?

Kimmy: No. I hadded a pistol a'fore, but it bwoked. I weft it on the dwiveway and it gotted rained on.

NRA KKK: How does it feel to be a big girl with her own big gun?

Kimmy: (shrugs)

NRA KKK: Are you having fun with your new big gun?

Kimmy: Mmm-hmm! Mmm-hmm! Me and my daddy shotted at the dirty man!!! He trieded to stoled peaches from my twee!!!

NRA KKK: Who is the dirty man?

Kimmy: He's the icky man. He sleeps in the big TV boxes by the canal. Mommy says he needs a baff.

NRA KKK: And you fired on the dirty man?

Kimmy: Mmm-hmm. I sawed him in my yard. He was eating peaches from my peaches twee! I told my daddy and we gotted my shotsgun and we shotted at him! He dwoppeded my peaches and runned away! Me and my daddy was laffing at dat!

NRA KKK: Any worries that the dirty man might come back?

Kimmy: Me and my daddy will shoot at him! Daddy says we won't miss either! My daddy even shotted an eagle - and eagles is faster than the dirty man.

NRA KKK: Any plans to get another gun, Kimmy?

Kimmy: Mmm-hmm. I want a weal ewwaphant gun. Daddy says I can have one if I do good in sports.

NRA KKK: What do you like best about the NRA Kooky Kids Korner, Kimmy?

Kimmy: I likeded when there was the party, and the boys and girls gotted to wear army pants and shoot guns at the pictures of the men from Washington DC. Dat was fun! I wanna do it again!

NRA KKK: One more question - what do you want to be when you grow up, Kimmy?

Kimmy: A powiceman!

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