Im soooo sick of getting told all these jokes about us blond's
being stopid. It's not! Burnet's is the stopit ones! So heres some awesome joke's about THAT!!!!

How many burnet's does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Like, flip on that light switch bitch! Hello?

What do you get when you cross a burnet with a carrot top?
A frigid bitch covered in gross freckles!

Why do people think burnet's are all smart?
Because they feel sorry they're so ugly and boring and stupid and almost never get plowed!

What do you do if a burnet throws a grenade at you?
Laugh at her for acting all butch and breaking her fingernails on it!

What do you call 24 burnet's in a box?
A case of stuck-up bitches from the lesbian virgin sorority!

Burnet's are so stupid that like, they're always fashion season behind. No I'm serious: they'll be wearing cashmere and leather pants next year. Stupid!

Why do burnet's wear glasses?
Because they're cranky old frumpazoids who work at the library store! LOL!

What did the burnet say to the electrolysis lady?
I know, I know – I've got like a total grizzly bear pelt curling around the edges of my saggy old thong! Can you help?

You know why men date burnet's?
Because they're fagets and they think that they have man meat down there!

Why don't burnet's give blowjobs?
Because, like, they're too busy taking my order during my HOT DATE!

What's the difference between a burnet and dog shit?

Santa Claus, Maya Angelou, Dwight Eisenhower, a pretty burnet, and ME are all walking along and we see $100 on the ground. Who gets it first?
Me! Because all the others are totally make-believe!

What's the difference between an ugly burnet and an icky lawyer?
None! burnet are usually lawyers.

You might be a burnet if... you totally have a moustache, skank-whore!

Okay true story: there was this burnet once and she was so mega stupid she drank Slim Fast and her "sensible dinner" was pizza!

How can you tell if a burnet just had sex?
There's snowmen getting rolled in hell!

What did one burnet say to the other burnet?
Why don't we just give up and kill ourselves!

Oh my god! A burnet walked into a doctors office and didn't even get a nose job or upgrade to a D-cup. Lame!

Like, there was this totally dumb burnet who totally walked into Dolce & Gabana, and was all "where are the khakis?"

So like this burnet is all wicked mad and is telling her friend that she gave her boyfriend a "piece of her mind" and like, if she was mad, why did she give him oral sex?

A blonde and a bunet walk into a bar, and like, the burnet orders a beer – and it's domestic! Bud? YUCK!

So like a blonde and a burnet were stranded on a desert island… and the dumb burnet was bummed, but like wow! Total tan city!

What do you call a burnet with dyed blonde hair?
The root of all evil! Get it? Duh!

Knock, knock
Who's there?
A burnet
A burnet who?
Let me in so I can bore you with how smart I am and then can I beg you to fuck my brains out because no one will touch me with a ten million foot pole!

  HA HA HA! Sux on that you burnet bitchs!

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