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Hey !

It's me, ! Remember? We met at . How are things going over at ? Oh, that's ! So, I wanted to turn you on to this project I'm repping. Between you and me, it's going to be a huge ! I mean, this is going to be the biggest thing since ! So like, your , have a , sit back, and picture this:

This movie is meets meets . With a little bit of thrown in for good measure! It's a love story about a who meets a . Then her. Then there's a twist involving a . But it's ALSO an action film - with a , a , and three climaxes in , and on top of . It has action, romance and SEX. There are lots of steamy love scenes in the of a involving a . It's and . We felt the movie also needed subtext, so there's a small part or two for a . But really, this is a family movie. It's about one family's struggle to overcome and then a heartfelt lesson is learned. The ending has a , a , a and a heartwarming sense of . We don't have a script yet, but we have a great duet with and . We think , , and would be perfect for this movie! Maybe can have a two-minute cameo as the Academy-Award winning English guy that gives the movie integrity! We call it . It'll make domestically and internationally. Oh and this movie will test really well with .

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