Abandon all hope, ye who enter my wicked evil website! I am Raven, bound concubine of the Dark Prince, and these are my bitchin' spells. Only true practitioners of the black arts (like me or my Satanic apprentice Tommy - who I am NOT dating) should wield these terrible powers. If you try, you risk spending eternity totally being raped with tridents by hell-spawn!
Spell of Eternal Forever Love
Curse of Revenge Unto Your Parents
Spell for Smiting Thine Bitchy Foes
Spell for Instantaneous Beauty & Skinny Thighs
Spell to Avoid Getting Preggers
Advice From the Dead Spell
Defy Sight & Be Invisible Spell
End of the World Curse
* Vampires and necrophiliacs and like, total poser Goths: this site isn't for you. This is for hard-core occultists who study black magick and have sworn themselves to be Satan's extra special helpers. So P-I-S-S off!

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